THW: Jockey Gets One Year Suspension

THE HOARSE WHISPERER By Jenny Ortuoste for Manila Standard-Today,  8 April 2009, Wednesday

Jockey Gets One Year Suspension

For many racing fans, it was a just punishment and satisfying call by the Philippine Racing Club Board of Stewards.

Positive reactions greeted the suspension of star jockey Jonathan B. Hernandez last Saturday, when the announcement was made that he was slapped with a one-year (312 racing days) suspension for “deliberately losing the race” when he lost with outstanding favorite Blue Ocean in Race 8 last Friday at Santa Ana Park.

Unoh_crop Blue_ocean_fri_3apr09

Hernandez; the race lineup as printed in Dividendazo racing program.

Hernandez eased up on his mount a few meters before the wire, allowing fast-charging Boot Legs to come from behind and nip him at the finish line. A photo-finish result declared the long-shot Boot Legs (Mr. Sutter-Bell Bottoms) the winner.

Blue Ocean (Mr. Sutter-Pointe de Pieds), a multiple stakes contender, had won a race two weeks before by many lengths, and was considered a shoo-in for the ordinary Class 4 Division 3B race last Friday.

The other runners in the race – Boot Legs, City of Dreams, Speedy McKie, Money for Rap, Hot Gossip, Capretiosa, and Star Turk – were lightly regarded and the 1,200 meter race should have been easy pickings for Blue Ocean.

Anger erupted among racing fans at Blue Ocean’s loss, which was assuaged only the next day with the announcement of the suspension.

Sources from the jockey community said that Hernandez admitted to “overconfidence” by standing up before the finish line but that he denied any malicious intent in his ride.

Other sources also mentioned that Hernandez has been dismissed from the Herminio S. Esguerra racing stable, owner of Blue Ocean and of Go Army. The latter lost two stakes races in February and March with Hernandez aboard. Go Army (Mr. Sutter-J’Approve) had been undefeated and the losses marred his record.

Hailed the 2008 Jockey of the Year, Hernandez last year earned P41.8 million in prize money from 651 rides with a first to fourth record of 187-124-84-66. He is considered one of the most talented riders ever in Philippine horseracing.

But the past months have not been good for Hernandez. He was suspended for 72 racing days by the Manila Jockey Club Board of Stewards for an infraction in a 26 December 2008 race aboard Macedonian. Upon appeal, in January the Philippine Racing Commission reduced his sentence to “time served” but fined him for making a sarcastic comment to the MJC BOS during the investigation.

On 10 February 2009, during the MJC racemeet at San Lazaro Leisure Park, he was replaced as rider of Panibugho for “loss of confidence” on the part of the horse’s owner. The very next day, he was suspended for 24 racing days for “lack of interest” aboard Last Hazm. The suspension was later shifted to the horse when it was found that the horse had been limping.

Hernandez may appeal his one-year suspension to the Philracom; if the penalty is upheld, he may bring the case to Malacañang for decision.

The Hernandez case overshadowed other events at Santa Ana Park last weekend. On Saturday, island-born longshot Tribal Queen (Tribal Rule-Homecoming Queen) scored an upset in Race 5 with a wire-to-wire win over 1,000 meters, coming in five lengths ahead of the favorite Big Ben. Owned by Jamaya Stables, Tribal Queen is trained by Buboy Jacob and was ridden by John B. Cordero.

On Sunday, Australian import Tiwi Magic (Hemingway-Dreamtime) won the 6th Juanito A. Macaraig Cup, sponsored by horseowner William Dagan and the Klub Don Juan de Manila. Macaraig, who died in 2007, was a star jockey during his time and later on became a trainer. Three other special races supported by Philracom were also held in his honor that same day.


The jumpout for the 6th Juanito A. Macaraig Cup. Tiwi Magic (yellow silks) broke from the outermost stall (#7).

Tiwi Magic is owned by Tony Tan, trained by Nestor Manalang, and was ridden by Jesse B. Guce. ***


Tiwi Magic pulls away from the rest of the field in the final stage of the race.


At the awarding ceremony (front, L-R): Jockey Joey Macaraig, son of the late Juanito A. Macaraig; KDJM Director Rudy Pamintuan; jockey Jesse B. Guce with his children; Mrs. Mila Macaraig, widow of the race honoree; Detdet Fernando, representative of owner Tony Tan; trainer Nestor Manalang; Odette Macaraig, daughter of the race honoree. (Back): William Dagan, horseowner and race sponsor, with his children Mark, Erilyn, and Kelly An. In an interview after the awarding ceremony, Dagan said he has made his children promise to carry on the sponsorship of this race in the future.

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13 Comments on THW: Jockey Gets One Year Suspension

  1. NiHAWmA
    8 April 2009 at 3:40 am (4107 days ago)

    Stewards ….. please for the sake of the horse racing industry and especially to the betting public. DO NOT FOOL THE BETTING PUBLIC.

    We are now going back again to the old saying regarding the ” INTERPRETATION OF THE STEWARDS”

    Often times decision has been change. Decisions were reversed. Most of the racing fans has a negative perception already that some of the decisions of the stewards are inaccurate. Wrong interpretation. Stwards. Please be firm with your decision and do not get intimated by influential individuals just to change or reverse your decision. In horse racing, any of the members of the stewards based their decision on their own interpretation. Subjectivity BUT please be consistent and accurate with the decision which you are making.

    It has been observed that there have been times when a jockey has been suspended (deliberately losing the race or any of the corrupt practices), the tendency of the suspended jockey is to appeal the steward’s decision. Of course you can not discount the fact that some jockeys will be using influential individuals. The very disappointing part of horse racing.

    And when their appeal is granted, the betting public felt cheated and fooled.

    Can you just imagine, the stewards saw from their binoculars and from the TV monitors that the jockey fooled the betting public. If they have to reverse or change their decision they (the stewards) ALSO FOOLED THE BETTING PUBLIC. They granted the appeal of the jockey without thinking that they are responsible to the betting public.

    Stewards/judges .. If you want to earn, TRUST, RESPECT & CONFIDENCE. The stewards/judges should NOT ONLY remain loyal to their duty, loyal to their oath of office BUT MOST ESPECIALLY TO THE BETTING PUBLIC.

    You are granting mercy and pardon to the undesirable jockeys. But you forgot already that YOU HAVE AN OBLIGATION to the betting public. It’s good if their wagers are coming from balato (consideration). But what if it came from their hardearned money just for the sake of unwinding or diversion.


    For your information, your salaries are coming from the wagers of the betting public AND NOT from the pocket of the racing club(s).


    Where is now the integrity and credibility of horse racing?

    The Philippine Racing Commission should be very extra careful in granting pardon to suspended jockeys or else they are also fooling the betting public.

    The stewards, judges including the Philippine Racing Commission should be accountable.

    Honorable Chairman Jose Ferdinand Rojas II and Commissioners of the Philippine Racing Commission. Sir, please may I ask you

    Does the betting public have a right to know what goes on behind closed doors? (stewards/judges room)

    Does the betting public have the right to hear the audio interrogations by the stewards against erring jockey(s) to adjudicate a claim that will affect the outcome of a fairly or unfairly run race.

    Is it fair for the betting public to know if a particular steward has been consistently strict? Consistently lenient? Or perhaps, just sitting there doing nothing and inconsistent in decision making? Know their votes.

    In horse racing, transparency is very important. As well as consistency and accuracy of the decision.


    Pero HINDI NAISIP NG MGA STEWARDS yung mga mananayang niloko ng manlolokong hinete. Mga taya na kinahon at ginarapal. Mga mananayang na walanghiya ang taya. Mas ginusto pa ng mga stewards at kunsintihin ang masagwang gawain ng manlolokong hinete.

    Bakit kayo maawa sa hinete? Pinalabas lang ng mga stewards na ISA LAMANG NA PAGPAPAKITANG TAO.

    Magsialis na kayo diyan kung hindi ninyo kayang ipatupad ang mga alituntunin.

    HINDI lahat ng tao ay maaaring masilaw ng salapi. Mayroon pa ring iba na may natitirang dignidad at respeto sa sarili maski na sa gitna ng abang kahirapan.


    Ang kailangan na makita ng mga mananaya ay yung nalalaban ng maayos ang kanilang perang pinagpaguran. Hindi yung napupunta sa kung saang manggugulang.

    Mawawalan lamang ng saysay ang ating industrya kapag kinukunsinti ang pagpapairal ng PADRINO SYSTEM.


  2. Secretariat
    8 April 2009 at 7:52 am (4107 days ago)

    Napakadaling tandaan ang araw na ito.

    April 8, 2009, miyerkules santo, ANG PAGTATRAYDOR NI JUDAS

    JBH na may initial.


    JB Hernandez, nagkasala ka sa bayang karerista
    pero tungkulin mo na maging malinis sa mata ng publiko
    publiko na tumatangkilik at nagmamalasakit sa industrya
    paano ka nila uunawain kung ganyan
    kahit gasino kagaling ka pa sa ibabaw ng kabayo
    kung sisirain mo ang tiwala nila ay walang halaga
    kasama nga sa trabaho bilang isang hinete
    pero paano kung lolokohin mo naman ang iyong kapwa
    kung naniniwala ka sa karma, matakot ka
    ang mahirap ay baka madamay ang mga walang kamalay malay
    maawa ka sa pamilya mo at sa mga taong dala dala rin ang iyong apelyido na Basco at Hernandez.

    Sa mga stewards, pag-isipan po ninyo kung sakaling babaguhin ninyo ang inyong desisyon upang respetuhin kayo ng bayang karerista. Hindi mahirap mag-isip ng desisyon. Yung gumawa.

  3. Lorenzo
    9 April 2009 at 7:53 am (4106 days ago)

    isang malaking kasalanan sa bayankarerista kung ang isang taong pataw na suspension ni unoh ay mabawasan.Sirang sira na nga ang kredibilidad ng BOS at Philracom at wag ng dagdagan pa.

    Hihintayin pa ba nating mag boycott ang bayankarerista o ipasara ng tuluyan ang karerahan na katulad ng Jai Alai dahil lamang sa anomalya.

    Mas gugustuhin pa nga ng bayankarerista ang ban for life ni unoh para di na pamarisan pa ng kapwa hinete at magsilbing aral sa iba.

  4. NiHAWmA
    9 April 2009 at 7:02 pm (4105 days ago)

    Racing enthusiast are getting tired of hearing suspension announcements. They even have to ask themselves as to whether the decision of the board of stewards is believable, accurate and consistent. There is always public sentiments. You can treat this incident as a nightmare.

    I’ve been in this game for quite a long time and I have never seen a jockey who has served his suspension the fullest. It is because of the right to appeal.

    Horse racing has had the image of being dishonest in the past. Some horses are being entered in the races where the object is not to win but just to have a public workout. Maybe some horseplayers have been paranoid about this.

    I am totally disappointed upon reading your article and I think it is nowhere to be found in the Philracom ruling

    quote: may appeal his one-year suspension to the Philracom; if the penalty is upheld, he may bring the case to Malacañang for decision. unquote:

    So there is a tendency that the suspension may be overruled once it is referred to Malacanang. But the question is, are they familiar with the rules? Do they know the sport of kings very well? What’s the use of the Philracom?

    If they have to tolerate this thing, it will continue and will be abused. You can not erase from the minds of the public that the jockey is acquianted to a government official or public servant.

    In short, Are we going to expect another TRO? Temporary restraining order??

    The racing authorities should put their heads together if they want to preserve the integrity of horse racing. The industry will certainly lose its credibility. There are lessons to be learned. Lesson of the past. Again, the question is how to boost the confidence of the betting public.

    On two occasions, we’ve seen how decisions were overruled. Shall we say “overturned”. Please, if you may allow me

    1. Can you still remember the incident when outstanding favorite WILD ORCHID lost to Golden Link during a regular race. The jockey of Wild Orchid meted a suspension FOR DELIBERATELY LOSING THE RACE and goes on to ride again after several months. Out of his frustrations, the owner of Wild Orchid sold his horse. Almost loss his passion.

    2. Can you still remember when some horse owners appealed for a harsher ban on the jockey. The Philippine Racing Commission found the jockey guilty of CHEATING/ DROPPING HANDICAP (LEAD) WEIGHTS who steered SLATKIS (Imported stakes series at SLLP). The jockey went back to ride again despite the ban for life.

    Was there any public announcements as to the reason why both jockeys were allowed to ride?

    In a country where there is democracy, I think the betting public should be given the opportunity to oppose any decision which is not in accordance with the rule.

    The racing authorities should protect the interest of the betting public instead of protecting the future of the jockey, (sad to say).

  5. Padulasan
    11 April 2009 at 1:21 pm (4104 days ago)

    dapat lang patawan ng suspension yang si uno hernandez kawawa naman ang mga bayang karerista na nagbabakasaling lumago ang kanilang pera sa karera, para hindi pamarisan ng iba pang hinete ang kanyang gawain. Magaling si uno, magaling magpanalo ng kabayo, magaling din magpatalo ng hindi halata. Sayang idolo ko pa naman siya, pero sana magsilbing aral sa kanya ang kanyang kasalanan para hindi na maulit ulit dahil marami ang kawawa sa hirap ng buhay ngayon, minsan ang mga mananaya ay nagbabakasakaling lumago ang pera nila sa karera tapos matatapat pa sa patalong kabayo, diba kawawa naman dibale kung madali kumita ng pera ngayon.

    Koment ko lang po yan pero wala po akong galit kay Uno dahil magaling siyang hinete.


  6. seabiscuit
    12 April 2009 at 9:47 pm (4102 days ago)

    tama ka PADULASAN! dapat patawan nang suspension yan si unoh napansin naman nang bayang karerista ang hindi nya magandang pagdadala nitong nakalipas na buwan para di narin pamarisan nag iba!

    parehas tayo wala rin akong galit sa kanya! = )

  7. NiHAWmA
    13 April 2009 at 9:31 am (4102 days ago)

    This is off- topic already and does not have anything to do with the jockey. Please take note. I just want to share something to your readers.

    Being a jockey is an exciting and a lucrative career. It is not an easy task. Mentally and physical conditioning. Gaining enough experience is the key. It will help you make contacts and try to get some ride until someone gives you a chance. Gives you a break. However, there also comes a danger. Accidents happen like bone fractures, concussions and even paralysis which makes their profession one of the most riskiest in all of sports.

    Jockeys really earn big money (if lucky) especially in special races BUT sometimes there is temptation. Choosing between MONEY AND REPUTATION. MONEY AND DIGNITY.

    Why do racing fans often hear voices of frustration, howls of pain and disbelief after a horse race? Cries foul. Some people can’t face the fact that they lost and they made the wrong choices. Sometimes racing fans make the right choices and at the end they still lose. Perhaps there is race fixing.

    It takes certain amount of discipline. Good horseplayers have to have patience also.

    How can you tell if it is fixed. The odds will not tell the story. When race fixing is in progress, the money does not go into the pari mutuel pools. If someone is going to fix a race, the way the crooks and the cheaters do is to get one or more jockeys to stiff a top favorite.
    There is always money involved because it’s a funny business.

    Choosing between MONEY AND HONOUR. Do you think they will feel great for their own family if the money was obtained in bad faith? From the rewards of race fixing. Just imagine that the families enjoy the luxuries of life and they do not know where the money came from.

    How much is the reward of race fixing as compared with the prize of the jockey?

    I still can remember about a top jockey (from Great Britain) who was involve in race fixing. About eight of them were charged with offenses relating to allegations of fixing the outcome. It was the biggest investigation ever.

    They say horse racing is a clean sport BUT WHAT IF there are people who want to make it to their own benefit. Maybe some horse owners will instruct their jockeys to give their horse a run which is a normal instruction. Just run on their merits but they do not know if the jockey is all out to win.

    Are there horse owners who bet against their competitor instead of their own horses? Quite strange. Isn’t it?

    To the bettors. Wager intelligently. Don’t just open your wallet if you did not reach a decision. After all it is your hardearned money.

    With regards to the Philracom rules “Chapter 17, penalties and fines P.R 87 under letter C “Jockey and riding infringement”

    I think it’s about time for the Philippine Racing Commission to amend the rules. Some racing fans are confused between deliberately losing the race, lack of interest and pulling his mount. They are all the same.

  8. NiHAWmA
    13 April 2009 at 5:48 pm (4101 days ago)

    A bad ride can be defined as when a horse is almost in the bag and was beaten at the wire. In the eyes of the stewards, it’s a poor judgement. An unacceptable error. Some kind of mental lapses. The rule is blameworthiness. Culpable. For every bad ride, the stewards makes a quick decision. Bad ride could be one of the enemies of every jockey besides bad horses and crooks.

    We’ve seen dishonorable rides by some jockeys although the stewards does not call their attention. Top favorites has been losing with the bettors that backed the horse were totally disappointed. Their actions endanger the integrity of the sport. If they take away the ability for a jockey to make a split-second decision, then they’re harming the betting public.

    As what the saying goes ” good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement”

  9. franciszm
    29 April 2009 at 2:44 am (4086 days ago)

    Salamat po sa pag batikos,ng medyo nagigising po yung iba dyan,kawawa talaga ung betting public,gumaganda na ung racing industry natin sinisira pa nila,dapat nga i-banned ung na ung mga ganung klase….

  10. Secretariat
    30 April 2009 at 6:13 pm (4084 days ago)

    Bakit si Pati Dilema at si Dhunoy Raquel ay hindi nila kayang suspindihin. Masyadong garapal din naman kung magpatalo. Hindi kaya sila yung mga sinasabing untouchables. Dapat pantay pantay at walang pinoprotektahan kundi yung mga mananaya na sumusuporta.

    Nakatuon ang pansin nila kay Unoh samantalang yung dalawa ay prenteng prente sa pangangahon. Pamemerder. Kung sa mata ng tao ay nakaligtas kayo pagdating ninyo sa kaharian ay hindi kayo mapapatawad sa mga kasalanan ninyo. Pati at Dhunoy. Makonsensya kayo. Mangangahon.

  11. Secretariat
    1 May 2009 at 4:52 pm (4083 days ago)

    Bakit hindi man lamang tinawag ng mga stewards itong si Pati Dilema?

    Mga super mega outstanding na Henry Sugar, SHINING FAME, The chosen want at music king… kinahon at winalanghiya ni Pati Dilema

    Ano ba talaga, malabo na ba talaga ang mga mata ng stewards? Makonsensya naman kayo. Kawawang bayang karerista.

  12. bossakonaman
    13 February 2010 at 10:04 am (3796 days ago)

    pabalikin n c unoh, sya ang pinaka magaling manakay d2 s pinas, para masilayan natin ang istilo nang isang mahusay na hinete nang pilipinas. salamat….1

  13. benny abroguena
    30 March 2010 at 12:35 pm (3751 days ago)

    balik na lang sa dati ang araw ng karera Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Madali magsawa ang mga mananaya kapag ganyan na Lunes lang ang Pahinga. dagdagan na lang ang karera ng Sabado at Linggo gawing 16 Races Start ng 10 am.