THW: Diamond I Stakes on Sunday

THE HOARSE WHISPERER  By Jenny Ortuoste for Manila Standard-Today, 15 April 2009, Wednesday

Diamond I Stakes on Sunday

The Holy Week break meant a well-deserved rest for horseracing participants. There were no races on Holy Thursday and Good Friday. So it’s to be assumed that horses and jockeys are rested enough to jump into the melee again with renewed vigor. Thus the Philippine Racing Commission Diamond I stakes race on Sunday is anticipated to be a closely-fought event.

The mile race will be held at the Philippine Racing Club’s Santa Ana Park in Naic, Cavite. As the fourth leg of the exciting Imported/Local Challenge series, it’s open to a talented group of runners.

The declared entries are Pierre Niles’s Midnight King and SC Stockfarm’s Ziraz, multiple stakes contenders; and Tony Tan’s Tiwi Magic, who won the 6th Juanito Macaraig Cup last April 5, as well as Fierce Fighter, who placed third in that same race.


Tiwi Magic winning the 6th Juanito Macaraig Cup.

An interesting duo who are also signed up for the Diamond I are David Puyat’s Miss Elliott and Lim Expensive Toys. As far second choice, Miss Elliott, a 4YO filly, trounced Roland Lim’s Lim Expensive Toys in a special class division race last April 4 at PRC. Hitherto undefeated, the latter, a 4YO colt, ran as outstanding favorite and came in fifth.

Out to give them a stiff fight is Rita Pilapil’s Joshua’s Laughter, winner of the March 8 Cong. Amado Bagatsing Trophy Race, run over 1,800 meters at PRC. The plucky 4YO colt was sent off as third pick in the sales but sailed past the others in the stretch to win wire-to-wire by seven lengths.

Tiwi Magic is expected to show the same flair he did the last time out. However, Lim’s Expensive Toys will seek to redeem his recent loss. Joshua’s Laughter is in good condition and should not be discounted; neither should Ziraz, who was born with the upset gene and could turn the tables on the favorites when least expected.

Meanwhile, one of the hottest topics in racing is the one year suspension given by the PRC Board of Stewards to star jockey Jonathan  B. Hernandez for “deliberately losing the race” with Blue Ocean last April 3 at PRC.

This offense is in violation of Philippine Racing Rules and Regulations PR 12 “Every Horse Shall Run on Its Merits”. Section A provides “If any rider deliberately loses a race in any manner whatsoever or by pulling or stopping his mount without justifiable reason (he) shall be suspended.” An accompanying table of penalties – PR 87 – allots a 52 racing week suspension for violation of PR 12(A).

PR 53 provides the offender the recourse of lodging an appeal with the Philracom. The appeal must be submitted within 72 hours from knowledge or receipt of his suspension. No request or motion for consideration may be submitted to the Board of Stewards that imposed the penalty. The same rule states that a suspension of more than two weeks shall be immediately executory and remains in effect until the Philracom reaches a decision.

Should the Philracom deny the appeal and affirm the imposition of the punishment, the offender has one last remedy – to send an appeal to Malacañang. This is provided for in Section 10 of Presidential Decree 420, the Act that created the Philracom – “…provided, that orders, rulings, and decisions may be appealed to the President of the Philippines within 72 hours from receipt of such order, ruling, and decisions.”

It is not confirmed whether Hernandez has filed an appeal with the Philracom, which holds its appeal hearings and board meetings on Wednesdays. Next week’s column will have an update.

In other news, the Philracom launched last March 27 the fourth volume of the Philippine Stud Book. The guest of honor at the ceremony was Tarlac 3rd district representative Jeci Aquino Lapus, a longtime horseowner and trainer.


Cong. Lapus cuts the ribbon as Chairman Rojas assists.

Philracom chairman lawyer Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II said, “Horseowners and breeders will find the updated information in this book of value.” The book, compiled by the Philippine Stud Book Authority, lists the pedigrees of stallions, broodmares, and their progeny bred and born in the Philippines.


Cong. Lapus with the SBAP staff.

Copies are available to anyone interested in thoroughbred breeding. Call Philracom at 843-0971 or visit  ***

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2 Comments on THW: Diamond I Stakes on Sunday

  1. NiHAWmA
    15 April 2009 at 7:26 pm (4099 days ago)

    “Should the Philracom deny the appeal and affirm the imposition of the punishment, the offender has one last remedy – to send an appeal to Malacañang.”

    Isn’t it very insulting to the Chairman of the Philippine Racing Commission? That’s the reason why he was appointed to oversee the horse racing industry.

    Whenever we see a decision which is being reversed means that there is inconsistency. Inaccuracy. And when there is inconsistency, it is going to be a question of inefficiency. Qualified.

    The ugliest thing to hear is when an appeal is granted. The feeling of the betting public is that they are also fooled besides already cheated.


    When there is public sentiments, they should not ignore but should rather be attended. Whenever I hear any suspension announcements, I would expect that the offender will not be able to serve the penalty which was imposed by the stewards. It has been a very disappointing experience.

    The industry will certainly lose its credibility. History speaks for itself where in two occassions, decision was overruled.

    1. Outstanding favorite WILD ORCHID (owned by Atty. Ed Moreno) lost to GOLDEN LINK The jockey was suspended for deliberately losing the race. Because of the TRO (Temporary Restraining Order), the jockey was able to ride again.

    2. SLATKIS, the CHEATING incident. Dropping of lead weights. The jockey was found guilty and yet he was able to ride despite the BAN which was imposed.

    Certain actions or decisions is detrimental to the integrity of horse racing industry. It’s going to be a bad reflection. People will no longer believe. Do they know what’s the meaning of TRANSPARENCY?

  2. NiHAWmA
    20 April 2009 at 11:58 pm (4094 days ago)

    Another whopping P300,000 for LIM Expensive Toys which was bought last year in Magic Millions.

    Tiwi Magic took second, Miss Elliot settled for third followed by Midnight King, Joshua’s Laughter and Ziraz. Fierce Fighter with jockey Pati Dilema was unseated after the (Puett) starting gates opened.


    Clay Puett, the inventor of the electric starting gate for horse racing. He was a rider and starter at various tracks in the West. Puett’s device replaced other starting methods used previously such as starting barriers, which were simple ropes or occasionally wooden barriers behind which the horses stood, or even simpler methods such as standing behind a chalk line to await a starter’s flag. These previous methods often did little to involve a fair start, with extra judges employed to catch horses who got a jump on the rest of the field.