Jockey Banned for Life

Jockey Banned for Life

By Jenny Ortuoste for Manila Standard-Today, 26 April 2009, Monday

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Suspended horseracing jockey Jonathan Hernandez is banned for life from the Manila Jockey Club’s San Lazaro Leisure Park in Carmona, Cavite.

This was announced last April 22 by MJC chairman lawyer Alfonso Reyno Jr. “Hernandez is banned from the premises, and from participating in workouts and anything racing-related at SLLP,” said Reyno. The ban is total – the disgraced rider will not be permitted to work horses, watch races from SLLP’s Turf Club, nor use its other facilities like the restaurants or casino.

Reyno added that the ban shows MJC’s commitment to clean racing.

 This move by MJC follows the Philippine Racing Commission’s recent affirmation of Hernandez’s one-year suspension. The Philippine Racing Club Board of Stewards slapped the suspension on the star jockey for “deliberately losing the race” last April 3 at Santa Ana Park , when Hernandez eased up on outstanding favorite Blue Ocean before the wire in Race 8 that evening, allowing lightly-regarded Boot Legs, ridden by John Paul Guce, to come from behind and grab the win.

Hernandez’s actions were in violation of PR (Philippine racing rules) 12 Sec. A, which state that a rider shall be penalized for 52 racing weeks if he “deliberately loses a race in any manner whatsoever or by pulling or stopping his mount without justifiable reason”.

Hernandez has admitted to “overconfidence”, but denies any malicious intent in his ride.

Hernandez was the 2006 and 2008 Jockey of the Year awardee of the Philippine Sportswriters’ Association and topped 2008 Philracom rankings among jockeys, with an estimated personal income of around P5 million from almost P42 million in horse prize money earned for that year alone.

At least one other jockey has been banned by MJC “for life” – Jeffril Zarate, who was suspended by the Manila Jockey Club Board of Stewards in 2006 for one year for throwing away weights before a stakes race. However, after the completion of his suspension, Zarate, upon the intercession of an influential horseowner, was allowed to ride again at SLLP.

Reliable sources say that Hernandez is upset about MJC’s ban, especially since the infraction he committed took place at PRC and not at MJC, unlike Zarate’s offense. PRC has not made any move so far to similarly ban Hernandez from their facilities at Naic, Cavite. A source there opined that the jockey’s one year suspension from active riding is “punishment enough”.

The rider is now finalizing plans to ride in the Middle East or elsewhere abroad for the duration of his suspension. His other options include filing an appeal with the Philracom after three months, or with Malacañang, a privilege provided for in Presidential Decree 420, the act that created the Philracom. ***

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7 Comments on Jockey Banned for Life

  1. NiHAWmA
    28 April 2009 at 7:50 am (4087 days ago)

    For purposes of clarification and deliberation.

    This is the most important item which every reader should take note

    ” the infraction he committed took place at PRC and not at MJC”

    I presumed that Manila Jockey Club is exercising their Proprietary Rights which is found under Section 3 of Republic Act No. 8407 and it says

    Section 3-PROPRIETARY RIGHTS- notwithstanding the provisions of the herein Rules, the Club may, in the exercise of its Proprietary Rights, discipline, rule-off, ban or exclude from the premises of the Club, any person or persons; if in the opinion of the Club, such person or persons committees act or acts which are inimical to the interest of the Club, including but not limited to person or persons who are suspended, rule-off, banned or has been excluded from the premises of other racing Clubs.

    Please, if I may refer you to Philippine Racing Commission rules


    PR 49. CORRUPT PRACTICES – Every horse which runs in a race shall run on its own merits. Thus, any person found guilty of any of the corrupt practices stated below by the PHILRACOM, after due investigation, shall have his license or permit revoked and/or banned from owning race horses, training or riding them, or entering the premises of Racing clubs on racing days, in addition to such fines and penalties as maybe imposed under Presidential Decree No. 420, and other applicable laws:

    (a) Any person who, in their opinion, has been guilty of any dishonest, corrupt, fraudulent, improper or dishonorable action or practice in connection with racing:

    (b) Who gives, promises or offers, directly or indirectly any bribe in any form to any persons having official duties in relation to any race or racehorse, or to any trainer, jockey or to any person having charge of or access, to any race horse, to perform any act contrary to the rules and regulations of racing;

    (c) Who, having official duties in relation to any Racing Club, racetrack or racehorse or any trainer, jockey, or any other person who having charge of or access to any race horse, solicits, accepts or offers to accept any bribe in any form, to perform any act contrary to the rules and regulations of racing;

    For the above offenses a & b, If the offender is non-licensee of PHILRACOM, he shall be banned from entering the Club premises. However, if the offender is a licensee of PHILRACOM, he shall be penalized with a revocation of license and banning from entering the premises of the Racing Clubs.

    (d) Who administers or injects to any horse outside or inside the club premises;

    (e) Any authorized person found to be in possession of syringe, hypodermic needle, injecting equipment or any other paraphernalia inside the club premises, shall be banned from the racetracks, and if the offender is the horseowner, trainer or the groom, they shall be dealt with severely by suspension of not less than twenty-six (26) racing weeks and fine not to exceed Ten Thousand Pesos P10,000.00) without prejudice to the revocation of their license.

    (f) Anybody refusing to submit bags for inspection by the Club or Commission Veterinarian shall be banned from the racetracks.

    PR 50. PROHIBITED APPLIANCES – Any person who has in his possession within the premises of a Racing Club, or who uses appliances, electrical, mechanical or otherwise, other than the ordinary equipment of such nature as could affect the speed or racing condition of horses;

    PR 51. BRIBERY –Who, being within the premises of a Racing Club on racing day, fails to report immediately to the authorities any offer or promise of a bribe or request or suggestion for a bribe or any corrupt, improper or fraudulent practice in relation to a race.

    PR 52. CRIMINAL RECORD – Any person who is convicted of any crime or offense in relation to racing in this or any other country shall be banned from entering the club premises;

  2. Padulasan
    28 April 2009 at 8:15 am (4087 days ago)



  3. William
    13 May 2009 at 11:48 am (4072 days ago)

    Wow…that’s harsh!

    But rules are rules.

  4. Bong
    30 May 2009 at 7:43 am (4055 days ago)

    What is sad about racing here in the Philippines is that every person or entity related to this sport are all corrupt, foolish & they penalize people who don’t deserve this kind of harsh penalty like what was done to JB Hernandez. I watched that race & I placed my bet on him but as he explained he was too confident he would have won that race with no intent to lose the race . Anyway, I have been watching closely another jockey who should be the one to be banned from racing. Just watch Jockey Pat Dilema, every mount he takes especially when his mount is the mega favorite, he always lose the race. This jockey should be watched carefully with great intensity & see what I’m talking
    about. 95% of his mount when his mount is the top favorite, he intentionally loses the race. This is the jockey to watch!!!!!!!

  5. NiHAWmA
    3 June 2009 at 1:38 am (4051 days ago)

    It is the morale duty of the STEWARDS/JUDGES. Their salary comes from the wagers of the betting public and NOT from the racing club. Take note of this. Please.

    The most disappointing news is that often times decision has been change or being reversed becuase of an appeal. Most racing fans DO NOT TRUST them anymore. Has a negative perception.

    What is interesting to ask them is that ARE THEY EASILY INTIMATED BY INFLUENTIAL INVIDIDUALS?

    In horse racing, any of the members of the stewards based their decision on their own interpretation. Subjectivity. ARE THEY CONSISTENT ENOUGH TO MAKE ANY DECISION?

    If certain decisions has been made and will be reversed that means their decision is INACCURATE. UNRELIABLE. UNBELIEVABLE.

    DELIBERATELY LOSING THE RACE, LACK OF INTEREST AND PULLING HIS MOUNT are just the same. I do not know why do they have to make rules like this since it falls under corrupt practices.

    18 racing day, 24, 36, 48 is not enough. The jockeys will just laugh at you. If it falls under deliberately losing the race, lack of interest or pulling his mount, the penalty SHOULD either be 6 months to ONE YEAR or BAN FOR LIFE (revocation of license).

    HARSH ?? What about those horse players. Those who has invested a lot and the betting public who got fooled.

    Just imagine, the stewards are using binoculars and TV monitors and yet they CAN NOT caught some jockeys who deliberately lose the race. What’s the reason?

    May I know, please
    Are they protecting somebody?
    Are there UNTOUCHABLE jockeys?

    If the stewards/judges want to earn their TRUST, RESPECT & CONFIDENCE. The stewards/judges should NOT ONLY remain loyal to their duty or loyal to their oath of office BUT MUST BE LOYAL TO THE BETTING PUBLIC. They should give importance TO THE BETTING PUBLIC instead of the jockey/trainer/horse owner.


    Where is now the integrity and credibility of horse racing in the Philippines?

    The Philippine Racing Commission should be accountable. They should be extra careful in selecting a QUALIFIED AND EFFICIENT member of the board of stewards and judges.

    Inorder to help the horse racing industry, to save the image and preserve the integrity and credibility



    PLEASE… give the betting public the chance to be heard.

    This is a challenge if you want the betting public earn YOUR TRUST AND RESPECT.

  6. joel
    30 July 2009 at 4:05 pm (3993 days ago)

    matagal n dapat, biyahero talaga c JB!!!

  7. roy marquina
    23 March 2010 at 7:17 pm (3757 days ago)

    masyado oa nman ang san lazaro, maba2 n ratings nio kc wla n c idol jbhernandez, natural lng yan mangyari matalo ang outstanding favorite. khit knino nangya2ri. wg kau tumaya s outstanding pra pag ntalo d masama ang loob nio. tingin ko pulitika s karera yumari jan. dmi kc naiinggit jn kay jb ultimo opisyal ng karera at may-ari ng kabayo pti n rin mga kapwa jockeys. jn k n lng s abroad jb, mas malaki ki2tain mo jn kumpara d2 at malay mo mas lalo k jn sumikat. more power to you from pasig & makati kareristas. miss k n nmin!