THW: Hygain Feeds Seminar

THE HOARSE WHISPERER By Jenny Ortuoste for Manila Standard-Today,  12 August 2009, Wednesday

Hygain Feeds Seminar Tonight

Racing, breeding, polo, and equestrian industry stakeholders will benefit from the Hygain Feeds nutrition seminar 6pm tonight at the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club.

Hygain Feeds is the one of the premier horse feed brands in Australia, having gained success in racing and breeding circles with their special blends of supplemented feeds.

The speakers at the seminar include C. Mano of Singapore’s Mano Equestrian Services Pte. Ltd., which provides tack, medicines, and other equine supplies; Greg Manley of Hygain Feeds; and the main speaker, American equine scientist Steve Duren.

Dr. Duren has years of extensive practice and research in equine nutrition. He has worked as a technical services equine nutritionist for McCauley Brothers, Inc., an equine-only feed manufacturer in Kentucky. In that role he was consulting nutritionist for Adena Springs, Darby Dan, Three Chimneys, and Gainesway Farm, famed thoroughbred ranches in the area.

He was also consulting equine nutritionist for Kentucky Equine Research, and later worked with feed manufacturers in Europe, Australia, and Canada.  Lately he formed Performance Horse Nutrition, LLC, where he consults with horse owners and feed manufacturers throughout the world, among them LMF Feeds and Poulin Grain in the United States, Otter Co-op in Canada, Hygain Feeds in Australia, and Bussan Biotech in Japan.

Dr. Duren is also a published author, having co-written “The Concise Guide To Nutrition In The Horse”, and the the upcoming “The 101 Most Frequently Asked Horse Nutrition Questions” which is currently in press.

He also consults directly with large horse farms including Darley Farm and Shaddai Stallion Station Farm in Japan and Golden Eagle Farm in California. He will be available for farm visits on Thursday. Interested horseowners may approach him for consultation after the seminar proper.

In other news, the entire racing industry is looking forward to the Mayor Ramon D. Bagatsing (RDB) Memorial Racing Festival on 18-23 August at the Philippine Racing Club’s New Santa Ana Park in Naic, Cavite.

The highlights of the festival are the Philippine Racing Commission-sponsored Mayor RDB Cup Division I for local horses on Sunday, Aug. 23, and the Mayor RDB Cup Division II for imported and local horses on the late mayor’s birth anniversary, Wednesday, Aug. 19.

These two races echo the Manila Jockey Club Gran Copa de Manila stakes that Mayor Bagatsing promoted during his time as mayor, especially during 1970s and ’80s. Sadly, with the transfer of MJC’s track to the San Lazaro Leisure Park in Carmona, Cavite, this centuries-old tradition (it was begun in 1986) is no longer being run.

The Mayor RDB Memorial racing event is a revival of those glory days of racing, with added benefits for the unsung heroes of the track – the grooms.

Grooms are the horses’ caretakers, the ones who directly care for them, from feeding to bathing to hotwalking to first aid to braiding of manes and trimming of hooves. The sons of the late mayor, horsemen themselves – Manila congressman Amado S. Bagatsing and former congressman lawyer Ramon S. Bagatsing Jr. – have allotted P3,000 in prize money and a sack of rice to all winning grooms for the entire racing week, or 59 races.

“This is the first time,” said congressman Bagatsing, “that these many incentives are being given directly to the grooms. They are overlooked and unrecognized. My late father always had a special place in his heart for the marginalized. In this way, we honor his memory by giving recognition and prizes that are long overdue.”   ***

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