THW: Ibarra Favored in 15th PCSO Silver Cup

THE HOARSE WHISPERER By Jenny Ortuoste for Manila Standard-Today,  14 April 2010, Wednesday

Ibarra Favored in 15th PCSO Silver Cup

“It’s a no-brainer – Ibarra is it for this year’s Silver Cup!”

After having won his last two races in easy fashion – one a stakes, the other a regular race – railbirds point to track icon Ibarra as heavily favored to win the 15th PCSO Silver Cup on Sunday at San Lazaro Leisure Park.

The 2,000-meter ordeal, which attracted an all-male cast, includes Jade Bros. Farm’s Alamid, a 4YO colt, to be ridden by jockey Andreu Villegas with a handicap weight of 55 kgs; Joseph Dyhengco’s Ididitmyway, 6YO, with Rodeo Fernandez, 56 kgs.; Tony Tan’s Shining Fame, 5YO, John Alvin Guce, 55.5 kgs.; Eduardo Gonzalez’s Hieroglyphics, 5YO, Kelvin Abobo, 55.5 kgs.; and Herminio Esguerra’s Go Army, 4YO, Jeffril Zarate, 55 kgs. The 6YO Ibarra, owned by Mandaluyong mayor Benhur Abalos, will be ridden by Jesse Guce carrying 56 kgs.

Another factor that will work to Ibarra’s advantage in this race is the lack of a competitor of his caliber. With arch-rival Don Enrico on a spell after a dismal loss in a regular race at Santa Ana Park two weeks ago, Ibarra is likely to dominate the field, barring unforeseen circumstances or occurrences.

Handicapping for the PCSO Silver Cup is weight-for-age. Prizes are hefty, with P1.1 million for the winner, P350,000 for the second-placer, P175,000 for third, and P85,000 for fourth. The winning breeder will receive P40,000. In addition, trophies will be awarded to the winning owner, trainer, jockey, and breeder.

PCSO chairman Sergio O. Valencia confirmed his agency’s support for the race, saying, “We are pleased at the interest shown by the race participants and the public in the fifteenth staging of this classic horseracing event, which PCSO supports as part of its mandate to help uplift the sport by providing a venue for competition and generous prizes as incentives for further improvement.”

Philippine Racing Commission chairman lawyer Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II thanked PCSO for its unwavering commitment to racing. “Among the most prestigious and historic races on the calendar,” he said, “are those sponsored by the PCSO. We thank Chairman Valencia, the PCSO Board, and the PCSO Committee on Races for their unfailing efforts in ensuring that the Silver Cup and other PCSO races always push through.”

Don Enrico’s four-length loss to Batang Tundo was so disappointing that malicious news about his alleged death spread throughout the racing fans community the day after the race. “Don Enrico is dead!” said some fans. “We extend our condolences to his connections,” replied others.

Jockey Fernando Raquel Jr., Don Enrico’s regular rider and the one who rode him that sad night, dispelled the rumors in an announcement on the racing broadcast last Sunday. “Don Enrico is alive. He was severely affected by the heat, which is why he did not do well in his last race.“ Raquel added that the son of Philippine champion Wind Blown will be “sent to the ranch for a three-month spell, or longer.”

“Don Enrico will not join the Silver Cup,” added Raquel. “Ibarra would just play with him. We’ll bring him back to the track in time for the PCSO Presidential Gold Cup at the end of the year.”   ***

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3 Comments on THW: Ibarra Favored in 15th PCSO Silver Cup

  1. NiHAWmA
    17 April 2010 at 11:04 am (3349 days ago)

    There is so much information in the internet. Websites containing factual information should always include a note. A reminder to their members regarding their obligations which should be part of their forum rules. It is always worth checking all the informations inorder to consider it as accurate and reliable. Verifiability. Not bias. Neutrality. Some may prefer one website over the another because of how it looks and feels rather than anything to do with the content.

  2. john turner
    19 April 2010 at 5:05 am (3347 days ago)

    Congratulations on your no brainer.
    Am delighted that Ibarra is back on track and winning your big races.

  3. NiHAWmA
    19 April 2010 at 6:20 pm (3347 days ago)

    The bigger the size of a track’s fields, the larger the betting handle will be. Every race track knows this. The average field size should be 8 starters per stakes races of EQUAL CALIBER to give excitement.

    It’s not just a stakes race BUT quality race. Not necessarily spectacular.

    Can you still remember the weirdest, boring stakes race ever in the history of Philippine horse racing (after Wild Orchid and Pine Needles)? Wayback in 2008.

    Philracom Amethyst I stakes race at SLLP

    1. ALEXIS MAGIC, CC dela Cruz
    2. DISTRICT THREE, EP Nahilat
    3. LORD OF ALL, Vsl Dilema
    4. KAYANG KAYA, JB Cordero
    5. CHARIOT OF FIRE, LD Balboa
    6. REAL SPICY, JT Zarate

    Can you just imagine this line-up? Almost all of these horses are retiring. Vicious inside the gate. While the other has not been participating every month. It is self explanatory. Even if the jockey of Real Spicy is a “Class E” rider will win the race.