THW: Paperwork and Kong Hei Fat Choy!

THE HOARSE WHISPERER By Jenny Ortuoste for Manila Standard-Today, 2 February 2011, Wednesday

Paperwork and kong Hei Fat Choy!

It’s important to be updated on paperwork, no matter how boring a task it is, and it’s no exception in the racing industry.

Last Tuesdays’ races saw four horses scratched from the card at Santa Ana Park – not because of a horse’s injury nor off-feed, or for lack of a rider, or any of the usual reasons, but because these horses had not been registered with the Philippine Racing Commission.

The horses were Di Ko Akalain, and No Boundary, race 3; Golden Eye, race 6; and Yo Tero, race 7.

It is mandatory that horses be registered and other direct race participants be licensed annually – horseowners, jockeys, and trainers. The registration period began on 15 November 2010 and lasted till January 15. That’s a two-month period for horseowners and trainers to comply with a requirement that they have been perfectly aware of since entering the sport.

If their horses are scratched and lose an opportunity to win a prize, then this incident will serve as a reminder to get the little things done.

Why do licensing and registration have to be done annually? It’s just to make sure that the horses and humans involved are still around and able to participate, and to know how many participants the sport has.

It’s a slow news day since the next slew of Philracom-sponsored stakes races isn’t until next week at San Lazaro Leisure Park, with the running of the Amethyst I. It’s a 1,750-meter stakes race and the 2nd leg of the Import/Local Challenge for 3YO and above. The declared runners are Botbo, Dailies, Fierce Fighter, Gastambide, Juggling Act, Mini The Mouse, Mooney Money, My Promise, Our Solemn Prayer, Wadialay Zing, and Yes Pogi.

All my money and whatever else I can raise besides goes on Yes Pogi, 2010 Philippine Charity Sweepstakes OfficePresidential Gold Cup winner. Gastambide will give him a run for his money. Both are locals and will exert all their efforts against imports Mooney Money and Fierce Fighter. Wadialay Zing has scored upsets before, and Dailies could go well, given the right breaks. This is an exciting lineup and one for racing fans to look forward to.

February 19 and 20 are the dates for the Amethyst II (fillies) and Amethyst III (colts), both stepping stones on the road to the Triple Crown for 3YO Philippine-breds.

With the Lunar New Year celebrations happening tomorrow, expect taga-karera and karerista alike to give tikoy and round fruits as gifts to send and attract luck – something that’s in much demand in horseracing.

Kong Hei Fat Choy to all, and may good fortune always accompany you to the track!   ***

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