THW: “One Win” Rule, Philtobo Awards

THE HOARSE WHISPERER By Jenny Ortuoste for Manila Standard-Today, 1 February 2012, Wednesday

“One  Win” Rule, Philtobo Awards

Horseowners, notably those belonging to the Metropolitan Association of Race Horse Owners, are adamant against the implementation of the “one win, go up” rule, preferring instead the current “two wins, go up” rule.

These rules refer to handicapping procedures. In Philippine horseracing, horses are grouped in “class-divisions” according to ability (determined through a win-loss record). For every two wins, a horse goes up to a higher group to race against better horses.

As in the Peter Principle of management, which holds that employees tend to be promoted till they reach their level of incompetence, horses go up groups until they reach one where they suffer two consecutive losses, and go down the ladder again.

The Philippine Racing Commission had originally set February 1 for the implementation of the “one win, go up” rule, which requires a horse to go up after winning once in a group, instead of twice.

According to Philracom commissioner and executive director Jesus Cantos, the Commission will defer the implementation to February 16, saying, “This is to give industry players extra time for preparations to revert to the original handicapping mechanics.”

He explained that the “one win” rule will depopulate the lower class-divisions, where most horses are concentrated, allowing them to migrate to higher groups and spread the chances of horses participating in weekly races.

Lower groups at class-divisions 1 to 3 dominate weekly racemeets at a ratio of five races in every 10. This is to the disadvantage of higher groups or the better horses in CD4 and up, which have only one race in every 10. Other races go to younger horses every season.

For their part, horseowners prefer the current setup that gives them more chances to win and recover their investments in the sport.

Philracom chairman Angel L. Castaño Jr. says allowing time for stakeholders to give their input on racing matters reflects the “responsiveness” core value of the current Philracom Board in their “TRIP” program.

The other values are transparency, innovativeness, and policy-driven, constituting the framework of the roadmap by which the present Commission implements the law of their creation, Presidential Decree 420.

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The Philippine Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Organization recently announced the nominees to its 14th Gintong Lahi Awards, to be held on February 5 at San Lazaro Leisure Park. They are:

Champion 2YO Colt: Golden Empire (owned by Lamberto C. Almeda Jr.),

Hagdang Bato           (Benhur C. Abalos), Jet Stream (Joseph C. Dyhengco);

Champion 2YO Filly:            Alpha Alleanza (Edgardo G. Mundo), Amazing Migs (Jeci A. Lapus), Humble Riches (Kenneth M. Causon), Markees World (Renato B. Virata);

Champion 3YO Colt: Arvin Dugo (Sixto S. Esquivias IV), Barkley (Benhur C. Abalos), Bosbarawana (SC Stockfarm, Inc.), Hari Ng Yambo (Emmanuel A. Santos),

Magna Carta (Michael Dragon T. Javier), Sulong Pinoy (Wilbert T. Tan), Tensile Strength (Felizardo R. Sevilla Jr.);

Champion 3YO Filly: Cheese Mosa (Sixto S. Esquivias IV), Constatic (Ronaldo D. Tan), Prime Rate (Felizardo R. Sevilla Jr.);

Champion Older Filly/Mare of the Year and Broodmare of the Year: no awards this year;

Champion Older Horse: Carriedo (Jeci A. Lapus), Consolidator (Lamberto C. Almeda Jr.), Yes Pogi (Francis G. Lim);

Champion Sprinter: Consolidator (Lamberto C. Almeda Jr.), Heaven Sent (Rita G. Pilapil);

Champion Imported Horse: Botbo (Antonio O. Floirendo Sr.), Gentle Irony (Narciso O. Morales), Juggling Act (Narciso O. Morales);

Horse of the Year: Cheese Mosa (Sixto S. Esquivias IV), Constatic (Ronaldo D. Tan), Humble Riches (Kenneth M. Causon), Magna Carta (Michael Dragon T. Javier), Yes Pogi (Francis G. Lim);

Jockey of the Year: Fernando M. Raquel Jr., Jesse B. Guce, Jonathan B. Hernandez, Kevin B. Abobo, Rodeo G. Fernandez, Valentino R. Dilema;

Trainer of the Year: Conrado M. Vicente, Nelson A. Lorica, Ruben B. Clor, Raymundo R. Henson, Renato R. Yamco, Ruben S. Tupas;

Owner of the Year: Felizardo R. Sevilla Jr., Francis G. Lim, Kenneth M. Causon, Michael Dragon T. Javier, Ronaldo D. Tan, Sixto S. Esquivias IV;

Stallion of the Year: Ecstatic (Marlon C. Cunanan), Kangoo (Felizardo R. Sevilla Jr.), Quaker Ridge (Herminio S. Esguerra), Rum Tum Tiger (Raymund B. Puyat);

Breeder of the Year: Benhur C. Abalos, Leonardo M. Javier Jr., Herminio S. Esguerra, and Felizardo R. Sevilla Jr.

The Gintong Lahi awards are the sport’s only recognition program, and provide much encouragement and incentive to participants to excel in their fields.

Congratulations to Philtobo, we are sure they will have another successful awards ceremony!   ***

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