THW: MARHO Daisy-Siete Prep

THE HOARSE WHISPERER By Jenny Ortuoste for Manila Standard-Today, 7 November 2012, Wednesday

MARHO Daisy-Siete Prep

Preparations are fast and furious for the Metropolitan Association of Race Horse Owners’ flagship event on November 20 to 25 at Santa Ana Park.

The MARHO Cup Championships have been held annually for 17 years, thus this year’s event tag: “MARHO Daisy-Siete: Racing is Blooming.”

Racing is still blooming, indeed. It’s the 145th year since the sport was formally organized in the country with the establishment of the Manila Jockey Club in 1867. Before that, the sport was conducted informally through fun runs held on special occasions.

Since then, the sport has grown into a multi-billion industry that supports not only the conduct of the sport itself at the country’s two operating racetracks, but also the allied industry of Thoroughbred breeding, which contributes to agricultural development and job generation and business opportunities.

The breeding ranches are located mostly in Lipa and elsewhere in Batangas, and their produce provide the only eligible entrants to the MARHO Cup event, which has the distinction of being the only racing festival that limits entries to local-bred horses in order to boost breeding efforts in the country.

Imports and island-born horses are not allowed to join, but this MARHO policy might be reconsidered next year in the wake of a considerable clamor of horseowners who wish to run their island-born horses.

“Local-bred” horses are those whose matings were conducted on Philippine soil and were born here, while “island-born” horses were born in the Philippines from mares imported while pregnant (and thus mated abroad).

MARHO will soon be revealing more details about their upcoming event.


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The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office Draw and Races department recently

announced the results of the PCSO Special Maiden Race trials held last October 30 at San Lazaro Leisure Park.

Because there were fifteen juveniles who signed up, one more than can be accommodated inside a starting gate, they were divided into two groups that ran over 1,400 meters.

One trial race was won by Cat’s Silver, steered by jockey Jonathan Hernandez, They dominated the entire race to win by two, timing 1:29.8.

The placers were, in order: Haring Benedict, Buko Maxx, Jetsun, Captain Ball, Catalexa, Birthday Wish, and Beyond Perfection.

Mistah, guided by Antonio Alcasid Jr., won the other trial, and clocked 1:32.8.

Behind them came, in order: Tarzan Maximus, Nurture Nature, D’Fountainhead, Victoria, Pinas Paraiso, and Indy’s Humor.

There will be an elimination to whittle the number of entries down to 14, unless one or more are scratched before then.

The race proper will be held on November 17 at SLLP.


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