THW: Sanctions in Money Talks incident

 THE HOARSE WHISPERER By Jenny Ortuoste for Manila Standard-Today, 11 March 2015, Wednesday

Sanctions in Money Talks incident

Stewards who made a controversial decision in a Feb. 22 race at the San Lazaro Leisure Park are likely to face heavy fines or other stiff sanctions to be imposed by the Philippine Racing Commission.

Philracom Board members will be meeting today in caucus to decide on the exact nature of the penalties to be borne by the Manila Jockey Club (MJC) Board of Stewards (BoS) for their decision to relegate Money Talks, the horse that reached the wire first, to second place behind Juachenzo’s Run.

The decision was assailed by many racing fans and industry insiders who believe the MJC BoS interpretation of the race was in error.

The Commission’s resolution on the matter, containing their findings on the incident, is expected to be released soon, if not later today.

Another resolution that will be passed today is one that gives an additional prize of P5,000 to the winning horseowners of all class-division races.

According to Philracom Chairman Andrew A. Sanchez, “This is an immediate solution to the concern of horseowners whose prizes have shrunk due to challenging conditions in the sport, rendering them barely able to maintain their racing operations that create jobs, raise taxes for the government, and provide other economic benefits.

“We are also exploring pro-active, medium-term measures to increase sales and grow prizes for the benefit of all industry stakeholders.”

            * * * * *

Gentle Strength, a filly owned by Mandaluyong Mayor Benhur Abalos, won the Mar. 6 trial for the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office 3YO Open at the Philippine Racing Club’s Santa Ana Park in Naic, Cavite.

Jockey Jonathan Hernandez guided Gentle Strength in a relaxed 1:47.6 (27-25’-26’-28’) for the mile to reach the finish line five lengths ahead of Incredible Hook  (1:48.4).

Behind them arrived, in order: Erik the Viking, Stargazer, Prince Jed, Air Supply, Sigma’s Treasure, Make Him Known, Dominatore, Legionnaire, and Winning Move last.

The actual race will be held Mar. 21 at Santa Ana Park.

The full lineup of declared entries, with the names of owners and riders and other information, was carried in my previous column (please check out the Sports archives at, though withdrawals and scratches might still be made.

* * * * *

Congratulations to Emmanuel Santos, owner of Kid Molave, chosen the Philippine Sportswriters Association (PSA) horse of the year last Feb. 16 on PSA Night.

Named PSA’s jockey of the year was Jonathan Hernandez, who last year booted many stakes winners such as Hagdang Bato.

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