THW: Stewards fined over Money Talks incident

THE HOARSE WHISPERER By Jenny Ortuoste for Manila Standard-Today, 18 March 2015, Wednesday

Stewards fined over Money Talks incident

The Philippine Racing Commission released last week its decision on the Money Talks incident of Feb. 22 at San Lazaro Leisure Park.

After its motu propio review of the case where the stewards of the Manila Jockey

Club disqualified the first placer and favorite Money Talks, the Commission’s Review Committee found that “there were serious lapses/flaws in the decision” made by the stewards.

Stewards Rafael de las Cagigas, Daniel M. Valmonte, Francisco G. Fernando, Vicente J. Villanueva, and Rene C. Sare were found “guilty of gross negligence amounting to ignorance of the rules and dereliction of duty.”

They were all fined five thousand pesos each and given a stern warning that “similar offences shall be dealt with more severely in the future.”

Philracom also admonished the stewards “to be more vigilant and circumspect in the performance of their duties.”

The MJC stewards disqualified Money Talks and relegated it to second place behind Juachenzo’s Run, saying that “when the [starting] gate opened, Money Talks swerved-in sharply to the path of Juachenzo’s Run, causing the rider of the latter to be checked and lost [sic] ground.”

The Commission, looking into “the perceived amount of ground lost by the impeded horse as a result of the incident,” found that since the interference occurred when the gate opened, “Juanchenzo’s Run could not have lost ground yet. As a matter of fact, after the incident, Juachenzo’s Run even led Money Talks in some lengths of the race.”

The stewards were also scolded for failing to report the “more serious interference caused by Dixie Storm also at the gate,” and the “interference between Spicy Time and Jazz Wild but the incident was conspicuously absent from the Board of Stewards’ report.”

Finally, the Commission noted that there was “no record in the report on how the stewards voted on the incident, in violation of PR [Philippine racing rules and regulations] 5-F.”

According to Philracom Chairman Andrew A. Sanchez, “The Commission is serious about implementing the racing rules for the protection of the racing public and to preserve the integrity of the sport.”

* * * * *

Philracom also released last week its Resolution No. 7-15 that provides “immediate relief measures to the racing and breeding industry in the form of incentives” in response to the clamor of horseowners and breeders who lament the increasing unprofitability of engaging in the sport.

Starting last Monday, Mar. 16, Philracom will provide an added prize of five thousand pesos for horseowners only in all class-division races.

* * * * *

Congratulations to Manila Horsepower for their excellent handicapping of the races last Sunday at San Lazaro Leisure Park, on the occasion of their pakarera (racing festival).

The interesting lineups of their races caused a double-carryover in the Winner-Take-All event.

* * * * *

The Metropolitan Association of Race Horse Owners will be holding its General Membership Meeting and Election of Officers on March 28, Saturday, at Metro Turf. All MARHO members are requested to attend.

The meeting will be followed by the MARHO Founders Cup racing festival, featuring 12 races with added prizes sponsored by Metro Turf and MARHO. More details on this next week.

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