SLLP Races for August 1 Cancelled

strata_circuit.jpg It was a letdown for racing fans when races at the Manila Jockey Club’s (MJC) San Lazaro Leisure Park (SLLP) were cancelled on Wednesday, August 1.

A power line connected to the computer servers for the totalizator broke down. Though the cable was repaired by early evening, it took some time to reboot the computer system, which had not been shut down properly after the power line gave out.

Though the computer system was online by 8 pm, MJC management deemed it too late to run the races further so races were cancelled upon the advice of MJC Chairman & CEO Atty. Alfonso R. Reyno Jr.

According to the MJC Stewards’ Report for the day, “the computer system will have to be shut down for 15 to 20 minutes because of a problem that has to be resolved. However, the problem of the computer’s main frame at the Strata office remained unresolved for more than two hours. After being notified by the management the Board of Stewards ordered that the scheduled race (sic) for the day be cancelled at 8:00 pm.”

Photo: The power line that gave out. (2 August 2007, MJC Strata, Pasig)




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