Jockey JM Calicdan Needs Your Help!


Imagine reaching up to touch the back of your head, and instead of encountering the reassuring solidity of bone cradling your brain, your fingers feel nothing but a soft, spongy mass.

Surreal as it may sound, this is what jockey Joselito M. Calicdan experienced recently. Last July 24, he suffered an accident during morning workouts which severely damaged his skull, reopening an old injury which was covered by a metal plate. He immediately underwent a burrhole craniotomy to relieve an acute subdural hematoma.

Six days later, a craniectomy was performed for the evacuation of the hematoma.

At present, he is experiencing numbness along the left side of his body, necessitating therapy. In three months, he is scheduled to undergo another operation to replace the metal cranial plate which will cover the open hole in the left side of his skull.

Calicdan’s hospital expenses reached P781,110.84. After factoring in benefits and pledges by fellow jockeys totalling P647,058.50, there are still arrears of P134,052.34. More resources are needed to pay for the operation in three months.

Kind-hearted benefactors may send donations care of the NPJA. Just call (02)890-4867 or (02)890-0235.

Photo: Jockey JM Calicdan. It’s been said that pound for pound, jockeys are the strongest athletes in the world. Their diminutive frames possess the strength required to control 1000-pound horses. They are also among the most likely to incur severe injuries – and worse – due to the high-risk nature of their sport.

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