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“Winner-Txt-All” is the latest offering from the Manila Jockey Club (MJC) which provides tech-age entertainment to racing fans.The game beefs up the existing MJC Karera Info Sa Text service. Both are powered by SMART Communication.

By texting INFO or TIPS to 5478, SMART users can get race schedules, tips, and results through their cellphones.

The Winner-Txt-All service is offered initially only for MJC racedays. On weekdays (Tuesdays to Fridays) you may start texting your entries from 12 noon to 6pm, and up to 2pm on weekends. The game covers Races 1-8 of each MJC raceday.

Here are the mechanics:

“Winner-TXT-All” (WTA) is service wherein a subscriber can send in his winning horse combination for the Winner Takes All (WTA) daily race event. The WTA is an actual race event in all horse race days. WTA is picking the winning horse for the first eight (8) races for that day. The one with the winning WTA combination wins the pot prize. The winner is determined by the actual race results. Whoever picks the winning horse for each of the 8 races wins the prize. If there is more than one (1) winner who sent in the winning WTA combination; the prize money will be split equally among the winners. If there are no winners for the day/week, the pot prize will be carried over to the succeeding day/week.

þ Daily Prize P10,000 worth of SMART load or SM Gift Certificates

þ Weekly Grand Prize: P50,000 worth of SMART load or SM Gift Certificates

  1. The service is open to all Addict Mobile, Addict Mobile Prepaid, Smart Gold, Smart Buddy, Infinity, Talk N’ Text subscribers with good account standing.
  1. To send in your winning 8-digit combination, just text WTA <winning horse combi or 8-digit combi> to a short code: Note: Any of the following delimiter is allowed (. / , – \ ). Mix delimiter combinations are also allowed ex: WTA 1,2,3.4/5-6-7\8 = VALID ENTRY

WTA to 5478

WTA 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 to 5478

WTA 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 to 5478

WTA 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 to 5478

WTA 1-2.3,4-5\6/7,8 to 5478

  1. Subscriber receives confirmation with registration instructions:

Message 1: Processing ur entry! Pa-antay ng confirmation.

Message 2: Pasok entry mo 4 <date>: sa Winner-TXT-All! U sent in Winner-TXT-ALL <sub’s entry> entry. Padala ka pa ng winning entries mo para mapanalunan ang current pot na P<POT PRIZE> NA LOAD OR GIFT CERTIFICATES! THIS SERVICE HAS BEEN APPROVED BY THE GAMING AND AMUSEMENT BOARD. Open to players 18 years old and above only. P2.50/entry

IF NOT REGISTERED: Message 2: If subscriber is not registered, subscriber will receive below message from 5478 (MT)

Reg 2 join! P<POT PRIZE> NA LOAD OR GIFT CERTIFICATES will be given to the winning WTA combination! Reply with REG NAME/AGE Ex: REG Jose Manalo/23 to 5478. P2.50/txt.

Note: after registration, the subs entry will be automatically be valid.

  1. Subscriber needs to register to join and for his entry to be valid.
  1. Open only to registered subscribers. To register, subscriber keys in: REG NAME/AGE 5478.

Note: Only one name per mobile number is allowed.

  1. At the end of each WTA entry period, the winner(s) will be determined based on the actual Race Results. Races 1 to 8 are the only valid races.

Note: In cases wherein there is more than one entry for the winning combination; the prize money will be split among the registered subscribers who sent in the winning combination.

  1. If there are no winners on the specific race day, the pot will be carried over to the next race day.
  1. The service is open only to SMART and TALK N’ TEXT pre-paid subscribers and post-paid subscribers with good credit standing.
  1. Requirements to claim the prize:

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