Breaking News: Horseowners Will Not Bet on Races, If Any


Should Tuesday and Wednesday races at the Manila Jockey Club’s San Lazaro Leisure Park push through, the horseowners who are asking for the revamp of Philracom leadership have confirmed that they will not bet or otherwise participate in the races.

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3 Comments on Breaking News: Horseowners Will Not Bet on Races, If Any

    8 January 2008 at 10:09 pm (3910 days ago)

    I think the law on economic sabotage should be amended. It should include the commission of an act by a person or group of persons which put the horseracing industry into jeopardy, and which act creates confusion and havoc to the economy. Because of this sudden, irrational, unjustifiable and illegal protest and/or strike staged by the Horseowners, it puts the racing industry to lose millions of pesos in revenues not just hundred of thousands of pesos. The act committed by the Horseowners is unforgivable because they did not even consider the government through General Fianza to air his side. Actually, the strike and/or potest is illegal, in the sense, that it is inimical to the economy of the Republic of the Philippines. Would you belive, the Horseowners did not even consult the sides of the betting public, the association of the jockeys, horsetrainers, racing employees, Department of Labor and Employment, and/or the Philracom regarding the staging of the Protest and/or strike. This is a clear case of Economic sabotage designed to cripple the economy of the Republic of the Philippines in so far as the Horseracing industry in the Philippines is concerned. I believe the rules that is being implemented by the PHILRACOM should be tackled and scrutinized closely and in details by the PHILRACOM authorities with the horseowners just like the law on economic sabotage which be amended to include the horseracing industry. Everybody, by now, have already seen the effect of the strike and/or protest in the Horse racing which can be easily categorized as an economic sabotage based on its disastrous effects it wrought on the economy of the country. The betting public as well as the government are the losers of this unforgivable and unjustifiable act. Well, the Horseowners can always bounce back from their loses. Just like the saying goes, “Rain, rain go away, come again another day”. Of course, the damage, I repeat, the damage they have done will linger on in the history of the racing industry and to the economy of the country as well. God will forgive your act. By the way, who are the GODS in the horseracing industry? I do not know for one. Tell that to the Marines, Mister!

  2. Caballero
    9 January 2008 at 12:13 pm (3910 days ago)

    Eto na inaabangan nating lahat.

    Anytime now, a major announcement will be made by representatives of the different groups involved in the present crisis.

    According to my “very reliable sources”, some sacrifices were made to reach a decision favorable to all concerned.

  3. Caballero
    9 January 2008 at 4:19 pm (3910 days ago)

    Atty. Joy Rojas replace Gen Fianza as of 3pm announcement from Malacanang.

    Racing at SLLP to resume, Friday.