Atty. Joy Rojas is New Philracom OIC


 DECLARING it a moral victory, the four protesting groups of horse owners led by the Metropolitan Association of Race Horse Owners (MARHO) welcomed the appointment of lawyer Jose Ferdinand “Joy” M. Rojas II, a board member of the Philippine Racing Commission (Philracom), as officer-in-charge of the racing body.

“This is a moral victory not just for horse owners but for all sectors of the racing industry. We thank President Arroyo for listening to our clamor for a change in the leadership of the Philracom. We also want to thank everybody who sacrificed with us while the racing holiday was in effect,” said MARHO president and Mandaluyong Mayor Benhur Abalos.

MARHO vice-president Eric Tagle said the horse owners will immediately seek an audience with Rojas to thresh out the controversial policies on handicapping that led to the racing holiday declared by protesting owners over the weekend. Tagle added races will resume today at San Lazaro Leisure Park, with the horseowners’ groups having allowed their members to declare their horses for today’s program. There will be no races, however, involving three-year-old horses.

“We allowed some horse owners to declare their horses to run in today’s races in order to give way to the clamor of the daily wage earners and small players in the racing industry who sacrificed with us. Everybody is euphoric that the impasse has ended,” said Tagle.

Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita announced the appointment of Rojas, son-in-law of Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye, this afternoon in a press briefing at Malacanang. Ermita quoted Bernardino Aves, head of the Palace Search Committee, as saying “There will be a new man at Philracom tomorrow.”
Rojas takes over on an interim capacity from former police general Florencio Fianza, whose controversial implementation of a new handicapping system for horses aged two- and three-years-old led to the racing holiday that has cost government millions in lost taxes.

Ermita said Fianza, 66, who replaced Jimmy Dilag last year, can now focus on his other job as President Arroyo’s Special Envoy on Transnational Crime. Ermita also expressed the hope that Rojas would be welcomed by the horse owners since “they know him.”

Rojas, 42, who finished his bachelor of arts at the University of Massachusetts and earned his law degree at the Ateneo, was appointed Philracom board member last year. A brother of former horse owner Rolly Rojas, he also served as board secretary of the Philippine National Oil Company from 1998 to 1999.

Tagle said the horse owners belonging to MARHO, Philippine Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Organization (Philtobo), and Klub Don Juan de Manila (KDJM), along with the Samahan ng Horse Owners of the Philippines (SHOP), another organization that cast it lot with the protesting groups early yesterday, will sit down with Rojas.

“We want to have a clearer picture of the policies being implemented by the Philracom. But we are confident the new official at the helm of the racing body will listen to what we have to say. Meanwhile, the bayang karerista can now again enjoy the races,” Tagle said.

“The result of the racing holiday that we called over the haphazard implementation of the new handicapping system showed that if all sectors of the industry unite in trying times, we can achieve victory,” said Abalos, who also thanked KDJM head Rodolfo Pamintuan, Philtobo chief Bienvenido C. Niles Jr., and SHOP leader Rellie de Leon for their support. (from a press release)

Photo: Atty. Joy Rojas

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2 Comments on Atty. Joy Rojas is New Philracom OIC

  1. wizziwassy
    9 January 2008 at 10:14 pm (4335 days ago)

    Press releases made by the boycotting horseowners demanded for the ouster of Chairman Fianza and its Board.
    Now the OIC is a member of the board, a nephew of Sec. Bunye. One of the more influential member of Klub Don Juan de Manila is the son of PGMA. HHMMM…. Poor Gen. Fianza who’s just doing his work. Only in the Philippines!

    10 January 2008 at 6:31 am (4335 days ago)

    There we are again, I said so. Those appointed by Malacanang to head an office, agency or department of the government do not have a DELICADEZA. Although the appointing authority is the President of the Republic of the Philippines, yet the one who recommended the appointment of Atty. Joy Roxas as OIC of the PHILRACOM to the appointing authority is related by affinity to the recommending authority. In other words, Atty. Roxas, being a brother of former horse owner Rolly Rojas, and son-in-law of Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye should have taken into consideration the provisions of the Civil Service Law, Rules and Regulations regarding the prohibition of appointment with respect to one who is related by affinity or consaguinity within the third degree to the recommending or appointing authority. Anyway, Atty. Rojas is just assuming the office in an acting capacity, yet to avoid DELICADEZA, he should give way to General Fianza if he doest not want to violate the civil service law, rules and regulations in so far as his appointment is concerned. The government must not be above the law, instead it should be a model to all. After all, the citizens follow its leader. Hay naku !!!! kahit kailan ang gobyerno ng pinoy talaga !!!! Problema nga YUNG RECOMMENDING AUTHORITY related by AFFINITY sa appointee. Let us say for the sake of argument that Sec. Bunye did not recommend the appointee to the appointing authority, well, where is Malacanang, by the way and where is Sec. Bunye reporting for office, and what is his duty to the President of the Republic of the Philippines? Hay naku !!!! Wala na talaga DELICADEZA kahit katiting na lang. Always ba dapat gamitin sa tuwi-tuwina, “TELL THAT TO THE MARINES!!!! He, he, he.