Delay in Loading Irks American Racing Fan

Many Filipino racegoers are familiar with Australian racecaller Peter Morrison who has visited the Philippines almost every year for the past twenty years to call the biggest races on the calendar. We regularly keep in touch through email. Yesterday he sent me this:

Subject: For anyone who will listen

Sent to me this morning, a valid comment from an American living in the Philippines: horses

From: (name withheld)

To: Peter Morrison

Hello, Mr. Peter. Have to complain to somebody that knows. I wish these horse track operators would train there (sic) gate personnel how to load horses in an expedient manner. I go nuts watching it take 4 to 5 mins to load 5 or 6 horses. Some horses stand in the gate for several minutes which increases risk of injury. Can you imagine a bunch of Olympic sprinters kept in the blocks for minutes. If I owned horses here I would not race without quick loading and dispatch like US, UK, Australia, and elsewhere…

This observation is very true. As we Filipinos know, loading is delayed to allow betting sales to increase. It seems that the longer the delay, the more time there is for procastinating bettors to hurry on with their wagers.

But this American in the Philippines has a very valid point. Delays in loading increases risk of injuries. In addition, practices like these will make sure that we never deserve the label “world-class” racing.

As Peter said, this is for “anyone who will listen”. Listen – and act.

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2 Comments on Delay in Loading Irks American Racing Fan

    14 January 2008 at 7:22 am (4298 days ago)

    Regarding the delay in the loading of horses, this is a human factor. Everybody knows that the gate personnel whether that of the SLLP or at the Sta Ana are not professional or well trained for that purpose. Their salary is not commensurate to their actual position. Adding to the fact that what is required as qualifications as gate personnel is a minimum of elementary graduate only. After all, the philippines is a country of smile. That is why, we have to smile when everything goes wrong because that is what our country is. We are all comedian although it is against our will. Being a gate keeper does not mean a lowly paid employee. They, too, have a family to take care of. Why blame them when it should be the authorities to be blamed of for having an obsolete but modern loading gate of racehorses. If there is a delay in the loading of racehorses, look up the sky, SMILE, and pray that your bet on the racehorse will win. Why be problematic when you can smile to the max even at the face of these bullshit personnel when you should be acting so seriously especially when you are losing much already in your wrong bet. These are the factors why one has no other recourse but to curse those gatekeepers of racehorses in a race having in mind that they are professionals or trained but, sad to say, they are not. When you are losing much, or when you are there in the race watching just to pass the time away, you will see so many comedians in the field, not only the gatekeepers, the jockeys, but also the trainers as well as the horseowners. The best thing to do while watching the race is “SMILE”. I’ll bet on that even double or extra-double. Kung hei Fat Choi !!!

  2. miguel larazabal
    15 January 2008 at 5:30 pm (4296 days ago)

    Long before.. it was agreed in principle (at the time of Chairman that both tracks are allowed a maximum of 3 minutes additional on every start time most especially on exotic bettings like WTA and Pick 6. Delays are attributed mostly to vicious horses. Masyado lang nagpatangay sa Media si Chairman Fianza at ini-impose ang zero minutes sa start time which is really difficult dahil nga sa mga bisyosong kabayo. Noong araw ini-ensayo lang ang kabayo kapag nearly or exactly 2 years old at pinagtitiyagaan ng mga trainer at hinete na turuan sa pagpasok sa starting gate. Ngayon 2 years old tumatakbo na sa regular na karera kahit ni hindi marunong pumasok sa gate. So please don’t blame this on the gate personnel or to simply increase the sales. Maraming may kapabayaan dito kung susuriing mabuti. Bakit kasi pinapayagang tumakbo ang isang kabayo sa Novatos kahit hindi pa nakakakita ng aparato? Malaki ba ang lagayan dito? Just asking. :) )