“Larga Na!” – Philracom Launches Music Video

“Larga Na!” Philracom MTV Captures Excitement of Horseracing

Horseracing is all about speed, stamina, and excellence. It’s a sport that’s so colorful, vibrant, and exciting, it truly is like no other.

The fun and passion of racing is now captured in a music video that’s just about the average duration of a race. Commissioned by the Philippine Racing Commission as part of its mandate to promote the sport, the song, entitled “Larga Na!” was composed and arranged by musician Jeck Pilpil and performed by the up-and-coming group Bandoska. Lyrics are by Jenny Ortuoste and tweaked by Jeck. The video was created by veteran graphics editor Jojo Llamanzares under Gogirl Media.

The music video is Philracom’s first MTV and video plug. According to Philracom chairman Atty. Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas, “We were looking for a way to promote racing much like the ‘Wow Philippines!’ campaign of the Department of Tourism, which made use of its own jingle and beautiful images of the country.


This and succeeding images are screenshots from the video

“The ‘Larga Na!’ tune is very catchy. We hope racing fans and music lovers will enjoy it, and horseracing as well.”

The “Larga Na!” MTV will be launched on 26 September 2008, Friday, on the live cable TV race coverage of Santa Ana Park on Prime Channel. It will be aired in its entirety (2:16) from Friday to Sunday, and over Makisig Network during its coverage of San Lazaro Leisure Park’s next raceweek.


Thereafter, rotating 45-seconder videos will be aired occasionally, while the song itself will be played in between races.

Philracom thanks the Philippine Racing Club, Prime Channel, Manila Jockey Club, and Makisig Network for their support of this campaign.


The full music video may be viewed at http://www.philracom.gov.ph. Lyrics and mp3 file download are also available there.

“Walang katulad ang karera…larga na!”

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3 Comments on “Larga Na!” – Philracom Launches Music Video

  1. merci
    26 September 2008 at 6:59 am (4297 days ago)

    Hi miss jen, sana may chance din na mapakita ang karera mtv sa local channels like abscbn, gma-7 and others during primetime. This is good news, dapat nman talgang ina-advertise at pinapaalam natin sa buong pinas na exciting ang karera para sumuporta ang sambayanang pinoy.A little advertising can go a long way.

  2. jenny
    26 September 2008 at 7:11 am (4297 days ago)

    Hello, thanks for reading my blog!
    I wish the “Larga Na!” MTV could be aired over ‘free TV’ channels, however the cost of advertising spots there is prohibitive. For now, sa karera channels lang siya mapapanood. It will be uploaded to Youtube soon. :)

  3. NiHAWmA
    28 September 2008 at 12:04 am (4296 days ago)

    Horse racing is a different kind of entertainment. Electrifying as you could feel the shouts of joy and sometimes frustration. Horse racing has been my favorite past time. It’s one way of unwinding or removing your stress. It is full of surprises. Sometimes I do not want to be distracted. Just concentrate on picking the winner. Stay focused and forget about others prediction. At stake is a good dividend but sometimes you’ll have to expect some disappointments and regrets. You have to have a brilliant insights of the game. The extra talent to outwit the game. Luck, you will not know when it is going to come. Often times I find longshots which I have to zero in. Horse racing gives your brain a challenge. Picking the winners. It’s the thrill, the excitement and suspense down the wire.