MARHO Breeders’ Cup Race Conditions

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It’s all systems go for the 2008 MARHO Breeders’ Cup!

Established by the Metropolitan Association of Race Horse Owners in 1996 to provide incentives for Philippine thoroughbred breeding, this racing festival is the most prestigious annual event on the racing calendar. During this raceweek, and especially for its championship races, the best Philippine-breds compete for glory, honor, and millions of pesos in prizes.

Set as always at Santa Ana Park in Makati City, the MBC kicks off on November 18, Tuesday and culminates on November 23, Sunday, in a barrage of championship and special races that will leave any racing fan breathless.

This year’s major sponsors are San Miguel Corporation and Philippine Racing Commission.

Visit for the list of nominated/eligible runners. Below are the race conditions:



Date of Races:                 23 November 2008

Venue:                             Santa Ana Park


 MARHO Breeders’ Cup Classic:  2,050-meters

MARHO Breeders’ Cup Colt Mile:  1,600-meters

MARHO Breeders’ Cup Filly Mile:  1,600-meters

MARHO Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Colts:  1,500-meters

MARHO Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies:  1,500-meters

MARHO Breeders’ Cup Sprint:  900-meters

GROSS PRIZES (guaranteed, inclusive of prize-of-the-day)


First Prize        -           P1,200,000.00

Second Prize   -           P450,000.00

Third Prize      -           P250,000.00

Fourth Prize    -           P100,000.00

Breeders’ Prize-          P  100,000.00

Total Prizes       -         P2,100,000.00

  Colt Mile, Filly Mile, Juvenile Colts, Juvenile Fillies

First Prize        -           P   600,000.00

Second Prize   -           P   225,000.00

Third Prize      -           P   112,500.00

Fourth Prize    -           P   62,500.00

Breeder’s Prize-          P  100,000.00

Total Prizes       -       P   1,100,000.00


First Prize        -           P   300,000.00

Second Prize   -           P   112,500.00

Third Prize      -           P   62,500.00

Fourth Prize    -           P   25,000.00

Breeder’s Prize-          P  50,000.00

Total Prizes       -       P   550,000.00



Classic: Four-year-olds and up

Colt Mile: Three-year-old colts/geldings

Filly Mile: Three-year-old fillies

Juvenile Colts: Two-year-old colts/geldings

Juvenile Fillies: Two-year-old fillies

Sprint: Open (all ages)

* Includes all horses that have already passed the barrier/trial races.

Sires of entries must also be MARHO-nominated, otherwise the runner, even if nominated, will not be allowed to compete.

 A supplementary fee shall be paid to render the offspring of a non-MARHO nominated sire eligible to participate.


 Two-Year Olds: Fillies 53 kgs, Colts 54 kgs

 Three-Year Olds: Fillies 54 kgs, Colts 56 kgs

 Four-Year Olds and Up: Mares 55 kgs, Horses 57 kgs


 Declaration:   28 October 2008, Tuesday, 1 – 5 pm at PRC Handicapping Dept.      

Declaration Fees:

                           Members       Non-Members

Classic              P20,000            P40,000

 Colt Mile, Filly Mile, Juvenile Fillies, Juvenile Colts            

                           P10,000            P20,000

 Sprint               P5,000              P10,000



 1. There will be no handicap weight allowance for apprentice jockeys in the six (6) MARHO Breeders’ Cup championship races.

 2. The maximum number of entries for each race shall be fourteen (14). In case there will be more than 14 declared entries for any of the races, horses that have won the highest prize money as of the day of declaration will have entry preference. Owners whose horses were not accepted due to the oversubscription of entries will receive a refund for the declaration fees paid. Fees paid for horses which have already been accepted and qualified shall be non-refundable.

 3. The residual of the guaranteed prizes for the said races (guaranteed prize less prize of the day) shall be paid directly by MARHO to all the winners at MARHO office.

 4. Declarations and entries in all of the MARHO Breeders’ Cup Championship Races are accepted on the condition that all claims and objections arising out of a race with respect to any interpretation of any rules or condition of the races shall be decided by MARHO and PRCI.   ***

Further announcements from MARHO:

1. MARHO is now accepting payments for 2008 nomination fees:

 Type         Members    Non-Members

 Weanlings      P10,000         P20,000

 Yearlings       P20,000         P40,000

 Stallions        P25,000         P50,000

 The deadline is 31 December 2008 at the MARHO office. There will be no extensions. Reminder:  only MARHO-nominated runners whose sires are also nominated are eligible to compete in the MARHO Breeders’ Cup Championship races.

2. MARHO welcomes new membership applications.

Horseowners who enroll as members receive big discounts on nomination fees, members’ gifts, and other benefits. The membership fee is only P1,000.

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