MARHO Announces Declaration Date

The Metropolitan Association of Race Horse Owners wishes to announce that:

The declaration date for the six Championship races of the 2008 MARHO Breeders’ Cup set for November 18 to 23 will be on October 28, Tuesday, from 1-5pm at the Philippine Racing Club. Strictly no pay, no run.

There will be only one declaration; inscription is not required. Nomination is already performed when nomination fees are paid on the entries as weanlings or yearlings.

The conditions for the races and the list of nominated runners/eligibles are posted at the PRC Racing Department. and at (Scroll down to see the race conditions in a previous post below.)  

There will also be trophy races with added prizes. However, the number and titles of these races have not yet been finalized as of presstime. These will be announced in the regular copia of PRC for the week of the event (November 18 to 23). Sponsorships of trophy races are still being accepted. Those who wish to sponsor a trophy race will receive media values and other benefits.

The 2008 MARHO Magazine, a full-color glossy publication that will commemorate this event, is still accepting print advertising placements.

Call MARHO at 897-1459 for details on the race conditions, eligibility of runners, race sponsorships, and advertising placements.

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