Breaking News: Declared Entries for the 2008 MARHO Breeders’ Cup

The Metropolitan Association of Race Horse Owners wishes to announce the declared entries for the six championship races of the 2008 MARHO Breeders’ Cup, set for November 23, Sunday, at Santa Ana Park:

Declared Entries for the 2008 MARHO Breeders’ Cup Championship Races


  • 1. EJ’s Magic
  • 2. Million Dollar
  • 3. One Man’s Soul
  • 4. Minsk City
  • 5. Tiger Song


  • 1. Eternal Flame
  • 2. Blue Ocean
  • 3. French Vanilla
  • 4. Heaven Sent
  • 5. Lady Sutter
  • 6. Rhea’s Gold
  • 7. Sutter Dee Night
  • 8. Sin Nombre
  • 9. Bonjour


  • 1. Go Army
  • 2. Chief of Staff
  • 3. Mastermind
  • 4. True Value
  • 5. Action Sailor


  • 1. Blue Arch
  • 2. Lady Lorelle
  • 3. Love Story
  • 4. Speed Madonna
  • 5. Victorian Stones
  • 6. Vergara
  • 7. Evita


  • 1. Don Enrico
  • 2. Shining Fame
  • 3. Tabako
  • 4. Royal Fair


  • 1. Es Twenty Six
  • 2. Ididitmyway
  • 3. Music King
  • 4. Native Land
  • 5. Treasured Ack
  • 6. El Terrible

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2 Comments on Breaking News: Declared Entries for the 2008 MARHO Breeders’ Cup

  1. NiHAWmA
    29 October 2008 at 11:16 am (4275 days ago)

    Shall we say “the mother of all racing festivals” is here again. Or is it the Gran Copa de Manila?

    Racing fans will be delighted again to witness one of the biggest horse racing festival ever, where the creme, promising and soon to be the hearthrob of Philippine horse racing will be showing their wares.

    We all know that the MARHO Breeders Cup is one of the most keenly awaited races every year. It’s a commitment and an incentive to the local breeders. Prestige is at stake.

    To the organizers and to MARHO … Goodluck! At maraming salamat po in advance.


    The 2004 MARHO Breeders Cup, 1-2-3 finish of Hermie Esguerra hasn’t yet to be erase from the records. LAMBORGHINI (by Mr. Sutter out of Always Royal) steered by Pat R Dilema came in 1st, EYE CANDY guided by JB Guce took 2nd and EUROBUCKS handled by LD Balboa settled for 3rd. The first ever in the history of Philippine horse racing.

    Sprint king, ARIBA KING, (by Alymar out of Carta Nueve), bred by former Marho Chairman Sandy Javier, still holds the record for winning the Sprint Race in 3 consecutive years (2002, 2003 and 2004). Ariba King incidentally is the half brother of Empire King.

    JUGGERNAUT, made a great comeback by winning the 2006 MBC Filly mile.

    2008 MARHO BREEDERS CUP (some interesting facts)

    1. Majority of the runners are offsprings of Mr. Sutter. Some of them are Wind Blown and Self Feeder.

    2. TIGER SONG, winner 2005 MBC Sprint race while MILLION DOLLAR, winner 2007 MBC Sprint Race.

    3. LADY SUTTER, is the full sister of JUGGERNAUT and PRIMUS INTERPARES.

    4. Both DON ENRICO and EL TERRIBLE are progenies of Kayumanggi.

    It was a surprise not to see INDELIBLE INK from the list of the declared runners.

  2. edgardo alonte
    3 November 2008 at 10:04 am (4270 days ago)

    jen,my dear, do you know that im very obsessed with you, im hopn
    i can invite you to a dinner on the place and time youre available.
    by the way, very thankful of your email and web that we access an
    info regarding our favorite horse, is ibarra a participant to this years
    mahro race? lastly , hope you will give into my dinner invitation,
    id like to invite you at manilapen? game ka ba?