SLLP Races Tonight Cancelled!

Racing fans were dismayed – and shocked – when races for tonight (May 27, Tuesday) at the San Lazaro Leisure Park were suddenly cancelled after the barrier trials. Manila Jockey Club (MJC) management said only that there were “technical problems with the server”.

Other sources allege that the betting matrix from the pari-mutuel totalizator service provider was not fed to the MJC servers, prohibiting wagering.

People in the know say that problems between MJC and the totalizator service providers – local and foreign – have been festering for months. These issues stem, they claim, from disputes on contractual obligations.

However, pending confirmation of information received, a more detailed report cannot be posted. Keep checking this blog for an update.

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1 Comment on SLLP Races Tonight Cancelled!

  1. Pearlbuck
    28 May 2008 at 12:54 pm (4385 days ago)

    The bayankarerista’s are very dissapointing of what happen last night,may 27.The problem still arise and may happen again.This is also the first time when I brought my wife and my son to Sllp to witness the live racing,but unfortunately was cancelled.Sad to say, we go home with no smile in our face.Racing at SLLP is no more thrill with bayankareristas.

    Hoping for a better management to serve karerista’s total satisfaction.