Breaking News: Horses Stabbed at SLLP

Was it senseless cruelty, or was it revenge?

In a rampant act of violence, an unknown assailant attacked eleven racehorses at the stable of Tarlac congressman Jeci Aquino Lapus at the San Lazaro Leisure Park in Carmona, Cavite, at around 1 or 2 o’clock this morning.

Serious Susie was found with a knife still buried in her head; luckily, the feisty racemare is still alive. Joint Account and Lever Action sustained deep stab wounds in the ribs and shoulders. Eight other horses were injured in varying degrees of severity.

Equine veterinarians are now tending to the horses.

According to JAL Racing Stable head groom Gigi Dacanay, the Carmona police have already been called in to investigate the matter. There are no suspects at the moment, although speculations are pointing to a former groom who was dismissed by Dacanay some time ago.

Baka nagalit sa akin ‘yung dating sota na hindi naming pinayagang lumipat ng bahay dito sa San Lazaro (A former groom whom I didn’t allow to transfer to San Lazaro with us may have gotten angry with me),” said Dacanay.

Cong. Lapus is indignant but thankful that none of the horses died. “Wala pa naman patay, I guess. Baka one or two grabe (I guess none have died yet, but maybe one or two are in serious condition),” he said in a text message. “The rest are okay. This was done by heartless individuals, whoever they are. The PNP (Philippine National Police) and NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) are on top of this.”

The congressman added that the matter has been brought to the attention of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

The news has gone around the small and tightly-knit racing community and all are aghast at the heedless cruelty done to innocent animals.

The security measures in place at SLLP are also being looked into.   ***

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5 Comments on Breaking News: Horses Stabbed at SLLP

  1. Valerie
    18 January 2009 at 4:10 pm (4150 days ago)

    That’s horrible! Hopefully all the horses will recover, and they arrest and successfully prosecute whoever was responsible.

  2. Alex de la Paz, Manila
    18 January 2009 at 5:18 pm (4150 days ago)

    This is a very unfortunate incident. The security at SLLP is now seriously in question. Now that horseowners are in the process of weighing their options whether to house their prized racehorses at the San Lazaro Leisure Club or at the Saddles and Clubs, certainly does not help the former. The PNP and NBI should really look into this.

    Its rediculous, however, that this matter has to be brought to the attention of the President. Is this an incident of national concern that would affect the country or its reputation in the likes of the missing International Red Cross volunteers? Or maybe some members of the President’s family own some of the horses involved.

    Make no mistake, I sympathize with Congressman Lapuz. This is such a gory incident. But to bring this matter to the President’s attention? I would like to think that the good congressman’s statement may have been taken out of context.

    Alex de la Paz

  3. NiHAWmA
    19 January 2009 at 12:41 am (4149 days ago)

    Animal cruelty is a CRIME. It is the duty of the security to ensure that the stables are safe from any threat. They should be held responsible. Perhaps they lack the proper training and the experience.

    I just could not imagine the feelings of the horseowner as he invested a lot. When a violent crime is committed against anyone you love, there is always a flood of emotions, anger, outrage, hurt, worry, helplessness. When someone deliberately causes them harm, the reaction isn’t much different than if they had attacked a member of a family. Animal cruelty is a crime.

    These kind of a crime should have been avoided if only the authorities are all aware about their environment as well. A good security measures.

    I’m a big fan of race horses and I dream someday to have my own.

    Each and every individual can prevent animal cruelty. Just my idea to share with you.

    1. Be aware about what’s going around. There should be an emergency number to call on besides the police authorites. Keep your eyes and ears on alert ALWAYS.
    2. Let other people know to learn recognizing animal cruelty. They should know the different signs like wounds in any part of the body, missing hair etc. etc.
    3. Ask the stable boys to have an I.D.
    4. When providing information, it should be into detail so that it will be very easy for the investigator.
    5. Set a good example to others. Make sure to show to other people the love and care that the horses deserve not just the adequate shelter. Talk to the animals with kindness and respect. They deserve to live.

    Now that these incident happened which is really very unfortunate, it’s about time for the other horseowners to put their heads together. They should ask their stable boys not to leave the stables unguarded.
    They should get themselves involve in maintaining a secured place.
    They should identify points of vulnerability and eliminate them. The front entrance (normally) to a stable’s property is usually the most vulnerable because this is where unauthorized individuals gain entry.

    The easiest way to improve security is to install access gates that requires an identification. With this way, horses and other equipments are safe from thieves/threats who want to drive in. Hopping the fence will still serve as a deterrent.

    Of course it will be costly for the horse owners to install a gate that requires an access code which will keep a log of everyone who enters or exits through that gate.

    Security roaming should be 24-Hour basis. One of the best way to improve security is to have someone living on the property full-time. He will be the stable manager and security officer at the same time. Theft/threat will be prevented. If a 24-hour security isn’t feasible, the next thing is to install some form of surveillance. A close circuit television will be costly. Expensive. Although can be hooked up in entrances and will show the identities of individuals who enters.

    Once you have a good security measures, both horse owners and their employees (grooms) can sleep soundly knowing that the stable is safe.

    Stay safe. Think safety.

  4. Alex de la Paz, Manila
    19 January 2009 at 11:45 am (4149 days ago)

    NiHawMa, I think you hit the nail rght on its head. The security suggestions you forwarded are measures that should be there. Its cost is negligible compared to the investments made by the horseowners on their prized thorouhbreds. I am just surprised why the SLLP wth its apparent “world class” racing facility does not have these basic security measures in place.
    I also agree with you that it is palin and simple animal cruelty and whoever did it, no matter what the motive is, should be dealt with accordingly. I am not sure if there is criminal component on offenses like animal cruelty. If there is none, Congressman Lapuz should spearhead this measure.

  5. NiHAWmA
    20 January 2009 at 12:19 am (4148 days ago)

    The security measures which I shared depends on the capacity of the racing club if they can afford it. It depends on their belief. Of course it isn’t easy. They have to evaluate. Did they ever conducted a surveillance surrounding their property just before they opened the race track? I would presume that it was part of their plan but HOW.

    We might be surprised one day if there will be a report that lawless elements attacked their vicinity. Isn’t it, there are reports that some strangers were asking for REVOLUTIONARY TAX (in Cavite). WHO DO YOU THINK ARE THESE PEOPLE? You can never discount the fact that this is possible to happen within your premises.

    The horse owners as well as the management of Manila Jockey Club should come up to a better and the most efficient method. Kindly take note that Manila is different from Cavite. San Lazaro Hippodrome is TOTALLY different from San Lazaro Leisure Park. They should know this at the start. A series of new measures must be think of. They should consider the barriers and inclusion zones as well.

    If I were a horse owner and since I love my horses, first and foremost which I should think of is their security. When we speak of security, it is not just the food and the shelter but people who will look into their welfare. People who are really capable and well trained. A security guard who is ready to combat threats and other forms of terrorism. Trust … well that’s a different story.

    Please allow me to ask them,