Breaking News: MJC Races Today Delayed

Because of satellite uplink problems, races today, March 1, Sunday, at San Lazaro Leisure Park, have been delayed until 4pm.

Standby for updates.

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8 Comments on Breaking News: MJC Races Today Delayed

  1. NiHAWmA !!!
    2 March 2009 at 2:08 am (4143 days ago)

    The Manila Jockey Club, Inc. is a corporation engaged in the business of operating a race track, that’s the simplest description.

    The incident regarding the malfunctioning of their satellite is a reflection of what kind of management do they have. No contingency measures. Lack of preparedness. How many incidents of dismayed, disappointments took place already with the racing fans NOT receiving any single word of apology. Dismayed. Disappointment. Perhaps, the last incident (satellite) can be an excused when Don Enrico defeated Ibarra in a stakes race. It should have been a learning experience already. Shall we say a coincidence again? Satellite uplink?

    Races delayed? Is the office of the Philippine Racing Commission aware of this? RACES were delayed because they lack anticipation. I presumed they have a special operating procedure. Standard, thats a different question. They should make sure that equipments are being readied. Tested at all times.

    RACES were delayed because of some horses who are running-away from their starting gate helpers. Negligence. Lack of proper training. The latest was ROYAL FAIR in Race 8 where Caught In The Act was the winner. How many incidents already of late scratching? Beautiful Pet? How are you going to enjoy the races then? Is the Philippine Racing Commission keeping track of this incident. There should be a corresponding penalty. Can we include it in the Guiness Book?

    Another reason for the delay of the race is the late scratching of some horses diagnosed to be unfit to run. That’s a different story but what about the running away from the starting gate helpers?

    Races being cancelled? Can you still remember when they decided to cancell the races because of the server which prevented the betting public from wagering. It is not an excuse when the betting matrix was not fed to their server. If it was due to the server, it should have been examined much earlier. SOME people say that it was due to their contractual obligation(s). It is the responsibility of their financial controller to monitor the cash in-flow and out-flow.

    Manila Jockey Club is a corporation and they earn so much from the betting public more than anything else. In short, who pays for their liabilities? Is it coming from their own pocket?

    Can you still remember when one of their telephone lines was cut which prevented their telebet customers from wagering.

    There was an incident also when the races were delayed (San Lazaro Hippodrome) when the lights within the race track were not functioning.

    It is a humiliation to the Philippine horse racing industry. A very bad reflection. The racing fans has been questoning regarding the credibility and integrity of the industry.

    Let me share with you this. Yesterday, I had a foreign visitor who just would like to watch how Ibarra run. He was really fascinated about this horse. Because he read in the newspaper that Ibarra was a super horse. By the way, for your information, my foreign visitors intends to bring-in some horses (from Australia/New Zealand). He made a drastic decision not to pursue it anymore because of the very annoying, very disappointing experience regarding the incident. We patiently waited upto 4:00P.M. Not a single word was disseminated to the racing fans. What kind of public information do they have? To add to the worries of my visitors is when they learned about the stabbing incident (horses of Mr. Jeci Lapus) yesterday. I showed him the picture of Serious Susie. He made a comment about the racing club’s irresponsibility. Lack of a good security measures. They are not willing to take the risk if that is their management style. My guest other disappointment yesterday was San Lazaro Leisure Park’s discourteous tellers. Impolite. They should be trained properly. They should be service oriented.

    Manila Jockey Club, the first racing club in Southeast Asia. What’s their corporate objective? Besides promoting horse racing. Are the racing fans protected? Do they protect the interest of the betting public? What kind of photo finish picture do they have? Are they responsive to the various queries of the betting public? Do they entertain suggestions? Is San Lazaro Leisure Park really for wholesome entertainment if races are delayed/cancelled?

    The last question which I would like to ask is

    DO THEY HAVE FAIR AND JUST DIVIDENDS (Daily Double plus one, Pick 5, Pick 6 and Winner Take All) WHENEVER THERE IS A DEADHEAT?

    Amazing Pace and Golden Harry case. Please refer to the link below

    It is very inappropriate for both horses involved in the dead heat to have the same dividend. Payouts should be calculated by the number of the winning tickets. There should be a separate dividends.

    The Games and Amusements Board should investigate this matter along with the Philippine Racing Commission.

    All of these are useless. Meaningless even if San Lazaro Leisure Park is considered as world class. World class for what? It just a plain and simple description. But what about their equipments, the way they hold the races and the way their tellers attend to the needs of the betting public.

  2. Padulasan
    2 March 2009 at 8:02 am (4143 days ago)

    Alibi na naman ng mga tiga MJC yan pag nagkakaaberya laging may palusot.


  3. NO NAME
    4 March 2009 at 2:55 am (4141 days ago)

    Well…Padulasan…sana nandun ka nung nagka aberya para di ka nagdududa…Tongo!

  4. Lorenzo
    4 March 2009 at 5:21 am (4141 days ago)

    Ewan ko ba , bat sa tuwing sa SLLP ang karera, kinakabahan na ang bayankareista.dito madalas mangyari ang mga nakakawalang kabayo at delay sa sa start time.pinanganak na yatang malas ang SLLP.maraming beses ang shutdown at delay sa takbuhan.iyong nakawalang kabayo ay parang sinasadya na,para yarrin ang karera.

    Buti pa yata magsara muna ng 3 buwan ang SLLP para maresolba ang mga issue.Nakakahiya tayo sa OFW at turista.

  5. haksek
    7 March 2009 at 12:05 pm (4137 days ago)

    Management problem….big time management problem. No word, no nothing, racing fans kept in the dark. I wonder what they’re up to.

    Based on what i read here it is Sta Ana Park who has the better management. No negative issue and, they just moved in last January. Of course they cant have the same people running the two race tracks?

    @ Lorenzo… i am an OFW.

    Thanks to jenny O…at least i can now read stuff from the racing circle.

  6. pikoy
    15 March 2009 at 12:41 pm (4129 days ago)

    napakalaking KAPALPAKAN, KATANGAHAN, KAPABAYAAN, at KAWALAN ng MALASAKIT sa mamamayang karerista… NAKAKAHIYA kayong mga namamahala sa karerahan… WALA na TALAGA IA-ASENSO ang karera ng kabayo sa pilipinas… dapat palitan lahat… mula sa pinakamataas na posisyon hanggang sa pinakamababa… mula sa taga-pamahala hanggang takilyera at taga-linis… kailangan turuan ng tamang pakikiharap at paggalang sa tao at malasakit sa mamayang karerista…
    napakalayo sa karera dito sa japan… wala kang mararanasan pag-antala dito…
    name-maintain ang kaayusan at kalinisan… magagalang ang mga staff… laging nakaalalay sa mga karerista… may libreng drinks(water or tea), may libreng racing program (parang magazine, colored, kumpleto detalye ng bawat race).
    mga giant screen… TV monitors… lahat maayos…
    araw-araw ang karera dito… hindi na ako nagta-trabaho… ito na ang hanapbuhay ko dito… mas maganda ang kitaan kaysa magtrabaho sa mga kumpanya o sa construction… wala pang amo…
    kaya ko naiko-compare o naise-share ang ganda ng sistema ng karera dito…
    tokyo, nakayama, kawasaki, funabashi at oi… yan limang karerahan na yan ako madalas nangangarera…
    sana… magbago ang sistema ng karera sa pilipinas… sana maging maayos at masabing WORLD CLASS talaga…

  7. sundancer
    14 April 2009 at 6:15 am (4100 days ago)

    Ang lahat ng pagkakabalam ng karera maging sa San Lazaro O sa Santa Ana ay pananagutan ng Philracom-kaya nga may mga ahensya ng gobyerno tinatag upang pangalagaan ang tumatangkilik dito. subalit asaan ang mga AHENSYANG ito. , bakit pinapayagan pa nila na magdaos ng karera sa Club na madalas magkaaberya-lahat ng bagay ay may dahilan- ang ilan ba sa kanila ay stock holder? 90 percent ng total sales ay galing sa Off Trk kaya dapat lang na pakialaman nila ang ganitong uri ng pagkukulang ng may Pakarera..”gat di matino ang lahat ng bagay na ginagamit sa karerahan lalo na ang sattelite feed,mga aparatong nagtatala ng mga bentahan .

  8. sandra407
    9 September 2009 at 3:30 pm (3951 days ago)

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